Sunday, April 05, 2009

Heaven for an Hour or Two

So I'm broke and got some 20 grand owed me but at least 12 grand of it I'm never gonna get and I'm late with the mortgage and can't figure out where to go with the investigation of a public figure I started two years ago--on a good tip that remains anonymous--snd so you might think it all sucks. But then it was Sarah's birthday yesterday and that was a good time and today Chepa returned from wherever and here are Sierra and Alexa and they're asking for melon and watermelon and apples and watching me make some nice food and Madeleina is still excited about having milked a goat yesterday and the two new goats are fantastic and beautiful, even if slightly timid. And Sierra wanted "Mr. P Garman" to introduce her to them and I did and Alexa was demanding the right to wear a dozen necklaces from Peru and Chepa was stealing bites of food and Italo, sick with the flu, was helping Sarah unload the two dozen plants she bought from her car to go with the two dozen I bought her yesterday and it was just glorious mayhem with kids, goats, pig, dogs, bird, feedings and I'm just the guy who gets to pick 'em all up, feed 'em, love 'em and get thisclose to heaven for an hour now and then.
Thank you, Universe. It's the best.

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Gritter said...

You are an unusual man, Mr. Gorman. Where many would find reason to complain, you revel. Where many would wilt, you flourish. Crazy times with loved people are some of the best treasures we will ever have. Your family is very lucky to have you as part of the whole.