Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year, Everybody!

Well, Happy New Year, everybody! I hope it's full of joy, wonderment, great surprises and lots of love and laughter.
Here we had a pretty good New Year's Eve: Chepa brought the babies, Italo brought his girlfriend Sarah, and I supplied a good beef soup and a good good steak and broccoli and nice cheese melted onto fresh Italian bread. Lip smackin good.
And then we did the fireworks. Sierra and Alexa had a great time with colored sparklers; Madeleina graduated to lighting packs of firecrackers; Chepa and Italo did the big stuff--rockets and fantastic shells that exploded over the neighborhood.
I supplied the stuff and tried to keep everyone from getting hurt.
And this morning the front yard looks like a battery range and I suppose I'll have to go clean it up.
But I'm not sweating that now. Right now I'm listening to a tape of my late teacher Julio singing a beautiful ceremony that he made for me when my son Marco was deathly ill in August, 1996. The man had a very gentle way but boy was he powerful.
It's a good way to bring in the New Year.
I hope you're having a good time as well.

BOOK NOTE: Book is advancing toward the end. And what a way to bring in the New Year! Just go to, punch the "new book' button and buy a few copies. What could be easier? Heck, if I had to pick your pockets to get your money, now that would be a lot of work, traveling all over the world and having to learn how to be a pick pocket.This way, you not only supply the money, but you do the work to get it to me. I'm loving this whole thing. But I'm way way short of selling 1,000 copies. Which could have me feeling like a failure. You guys want that? Heck no. (Everybody now) HELL NO MISTER P GARMAN! WE DON"T WANT THAT AT ALL SO WE"RE BUYING ALL THOSE BOOKS YOU'RE PROMSING!
See how easy that was?

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The Grudge said...

Happy New Year! I wish you and your family the best of luck, health and success.