Friday, March 26, 2010

Been Gone So Long

Been gone so long it feels like forever. No excuses except these: I had a couple of stories to write, and did, had my computer decide I didn't need any form of internet, and so didn't--and don't still--and then took some time to figure out how to use my daughter Madeleina's. And then I got sick. For no excuses, that's quite a list, eh? But then it's me, right? And who the heck knows what's going on in my brain, or even if I have one...
Lots of good stories happened that would have made the blog if I was up and running these last 12 days. Like Madeleina walking home from school and coming on a dead raccoon that she says smelled so bad I had to wash her clothes. Or a gorgeous gorgeous ballet of a fight between Boots, the blind wonderdog and the Goat Guy. The goat guy would rear up on his hind legs, turn his body sideways and try to come down with his horns on Boots. Boots would rear up on his hind legs just in time to miss the blow, bare his fangs and make an inside move to to goat guy's belly while he was setting for another blow. They twisted, twirled, charged, retreated, danced and made the most beautiful music out of some imaginary turf war. Neither got hurt in the least and they remain friends, but what a sight to witness!
And that's all I got to report. But now that I'm up and running again, I'll be back soon.
And if anybody knows a few more people who want to join my June trip--either for the jungle, the mountains or both, that would be swell.
And if anybody knows anybody who still hasn't bought the book that's late but getting closer daily, well, tell em to fork over the $25 bucks on paypal on the site and let's keep that cooking.
Me? I'm headed to the dump with a load of garbage. Man, I was sick. It feels good to be better.
Hope all of you are feeling great!

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Kuchinta said...

Missed you, Peter!
And am glad that you are feeling better :)