Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cute Little Story

Might have posted something like this once before but it's short so if I did, just bear with me.
Someone on a forum I occasionally post on was discussing Tom Robbins the other day. It was slightly off topic but reminded me of this story. Here is what i wrote.

I've been a fan of Robbins for a long time. And I have a funny Tom Robbins story to tell. About 10-12 years ago, I got a call. I answered. "Hello, this is Tom Robbins. I hope you don't mind but Terence McKenna gave me your phone number and said you were the expert on frog hallucinogens. I'm writing a book about them and wonder if you could talk to me about them..."
Well, I worked with Phylomedusa bicolor, the Matses' sapo medicine, and Robbins was talking about the Bufo Alvarious, which I knew but certainly was not an expert on. And what I did know was from the Bufo Amazonas. So I couldn't help him much. I think I gave him Tom Lyttle's number, and for those of you who know, Tom Lyttle was a crazy genius who died way too young. The book Robbins finally wrote was Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas, a terrific piece.
But while I couldn't help him out, I was thrilled to get the call. "This is Tom Robbins...Terence McKenna gave me your phone number..." Man, I thought I made it right there. It was so cool that I was probably shining for a week.
Of course, still struggling to pay the mortgage and keep shoes on my kids's feet, I know I'm not there yet, but for a minute a decade ago, well, I was sky high.


Johnny the Dagger said...

that is so awesome! I probably would have passed out....then I would have called Terence and suggested we do shrooms together...haha

Peter Gorman said...

Passing out is about what I did. Terence and I later did one or two radio shows together. I mean, I had met him and knew him a little--a little, not much--but the Robbins' call was so cool. I think the radio show I remember was on WBAI in NYC. I don't know if I have a copy or not. But he was very gracious on it.
Other very cool people I met include Jimi Hendrix--when I was helping build his Electric Ladyland studio on St. Marks--Sting and his wife Trudy, when I wrote a pamphlet for them; and then a million people, not including you yet, Johnny the Dagger. But that will be cool when we eventually meet, eh?

Johnny the Dagger said...

umm...yeah...I guess you don't recognize me from the picture..I guess I should have signed my real name....I'm Alan C. Miller..I traveled with you in 2001..I was married to Marjorie.

Johnny the Dagger said...

I can't get Coast to Coast AM on my radio here....I guess I should get something better than an alarm-clock radio if I want better reception. All about finding the tools hear the message.

Unknown said...

Hey Pete,

Interesting article on publishing books.


Peter Gorman said...

Well, I thought it was you, Alan, but with the name Johnny I figured you must be someone who knew Alan. Anyway, nice to hear from you.