Monday, September 06, 2010

The Girls Are Back, Finally

Well, Sierra and Alexa were over for a while today. Fantastic. Just holding them, just singing their songs to them, just having Sierra ask, "Did you get the donuts, Mr. P Garman?" and my heart was off and running. Chepa brought them over and while they didn't stay long--their dad came into town with them for a few days--they didn't want to leave. "Stay, mom. Stay," said Alexa, who can apparently talk now. See what happens when I miss three months with them? Chepa assured them and me they'd be over all the time now, until I got tired of them. I reminded her that I've never gotten tired of the kids. None of them. Wanted to kill Marco, occasionally, and any baby can drive you to frustration's limit now and again, especially if you work from home and they just won't let you, but I've never gotten tired of them. And if I had five more, that would be swell too. My three are great, but add in Chepa's new two and man, I'm just sitting around mostly in heaven.
So good. That's just great.

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