Friday, September 02, 2011

Accessing the Spirit of Ayahuasca

On the board where I occasionally post, there's been a discussion of attaining the full effects of ayahuasca. Some people argued that if you don't see the lights and colors you were not getting the medicine; others disagreed. At least one of the posters argued that many people simply need a larger dose--as if ayahuasca is in the chemical components of the medicine. I disagreed and posted this:

I'm not sure I get that. Yes, if you want the full Coney Island, ask for more. But we're not dealing with chemicals here. Not at all. We're dealing with spirits. And spirits are not bound to quantities. Yes, if you drink enough you will have all sorts of wild visions. But they don't necessarily mean a thing. They're the distraction. They're the show. It's like the DMT thing at the onset of the experience: cool but not necessarily important. For those who think differently, just think differently.
For me, it's the spirit that works the magic. Just smelling aya cooking is more than enough. A drop can set off a full blown experience. It's your willingness to interact with spirit that's the key, in my opinion, not some baseline chemical reaction--which is very unimportant when dealing with living entities who have will, desires, capabilities of their own.
And yes, I have had guests who really needed the Funhouse of Desires and Fears to recognize that they'd been somewhere. So you give it to them. But you also give them the real deal, if possible, which happens only after that wonderful silliness passes.

Someone named Richard D responded with a bit of a challenge:

Nice post Sr. Gorman. I agree with you this time.
It does bring up the question though as to why Chacruna is added. If it's not for the Coney Island effect, or if the Coney Island effect is not of value, then why? I have my ideas about this, but I'd like to hear yours first, which of course may influence mine.

So I responded this way:

Okay, now you're going to make me go out on a limb. Which I don't mind doing for you, Richard D, who has added so much to so many conversations here. I don't think the spirit if ayahuasca is contained only in the vine. I think she's complex and that chacruna or huambisa, and their varities, are needed to make her whole enough to interact with us. It may be our failing; it may be something different.
I do think chemicals are involved, but only at the beginning, only to open up certain receptor sites we have and need opened to receive other spirits, whether they be hongos, ayahuasca, san pedro, peyote, Iboga, amanita....granted, slightly different chemicals, but we need those to allow the spirit entrance: The spirits don't. So we utilize chemicals to get those spaces open. But once open, we no longer need them. The spirits are real in their own right. They are there whether we ingest the chemicals or not. I'm gonna stretch here but: You don't know me. Yet I know I am real, in some sense. I am life, desire, force, intuitiveness and all the rest. You need the internet to access me. But I was there whether you had an internet or not.
Accessing the spirits might take chemicals initially, just like needing the internet for initial communication; after that we can do it telepathically--the chemicals of the internet are no longer needed.
I don't mean to know it all here. I certainly don't. But I do know that I can have full blown experiences just saying "Good morning" to the vine. Those include vomiting, healing, visions-the whole 9 yards. And I know I am not alone here. Once you've made friends, you're friends. Just call your ally--which is, after all, at least part of what a friend is. And the calling is sufficient if it's a true friend.
Make sense?

And I've reread the interchange this morning and think my answer is okay. So I'm sticking with it.

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spiral347 said...

Hey Peter,

Iain here, the tall guy from the june 2010 jaunt ;)

I just wanted to drop in and say hi.

I've got to say, I was expecting fireworks that first night we drank the brew. Ok I'd done my fair share of psychedelics, so I thought I had a fair idea of what was to come.

What I got the first night was a lot of waiting around, not knowing if anything was happening. I remember staggering over and asking you for a little more, but that by that point it was too late to take more. I remember thinking, had it really been that long? But then it started to happen, and it wasn't at all how I expected it. There were no "visuals" of the sort that I had encountered on DMT. Just a bad memory that needed purged, and a chance encounter with a friendly canine who I maintain was my spirit guide that night. It turned out that he was a real dog and not some animistic archetype from the astral realms. But then again that brings us to that word "real" and what it means, and perhaps that's a discussion for another day :)

You gave me a little more ayahuasca on the night of the second ceremony. This was a much more challenging experience for me, and I still think about it often. Still, no "coney island" effect. I didn't purge properly and I left feeling pretty confused about it.

To me it only adds to the mystery of ayahuasca that an increase in the dose does not guarantee increased subjective effects.

I have encountered this with smoked DMT aswell. Sometimes, regardless of the dose, it will just say "not today".

One day I added a little caapi vine to the DMT. Instantly it was like I was back in the jungle. Two beings stood in front of me like guardians, I fell forward and I purged. Purged like hell. It felt like a follow on to that second ceremony, a little bit of a resolution. I know there's more to come.

I've been working on developing a relationship with the sapo. Although I've only used it once in the past year I know its "good medicine", and i've been feeling the call to do it again recently.

So anyway, IMHO it's more than just chemicals.

Big shout out to the jungle family. Peace :)