Friday, October 21, 2011

Just Showing Off

Okay, just a silly post here. My book, Ayahuasca in My Blood--25 Years of Medicine Dreaming, generally occupies a place on in the Shamanism section somewhere between the top 35 and 100 books. When it falls below the top 100 I sort of panic. Can't do anything about it, just panic that no one will ever buy another copy. But then there are days like today, when it's at #9 in the Shamanism group and about #23,000 of all the few million books they have for sale. So there it is. I'm hot today. That's cool, I think.
I hope you're all hot at what you're doing as well. Hope you're all having a great great time.


Morgan said...

Yeah! Congrats!

KR said...

Peter - I'm one of those buyers. About 3/4 the way through the book. Great stories. Getting me ready for my first trip to Iquitos next April.