Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Recent Cover Stories I've Done

Someone was looking up this blog using the phrase "what does Peter Gorman do for a living?" on google. Well, the answer is that I write and I guide. I write for the Fort Worth Weekly, our local alternative and a fantastic paper; I write a column for Skunk magazine, out of Canada, called Drug War Follies, that covers the horrors of the war on drugs; I freelance now and then as well. And then I have a couple of bucks coming in from my book--which would be a lot more if all of you bought 100 copies tomorrow, for instance--and then I try to make a couple of bucks, often unsuccessfully, from taking people into the Amazon. DISCLAIMER: Even when I don't make money on trips I have one hell of a good, paid for, vacation.
   Anyway, for those who don't know me as an investigative reporter, here are the links to the the cover stories I've done for the Fort Worth Weekly this year. With another coming out next week, but I can't talk about that yet. Just go to fwweekly.com next Wednesday afternoon and you'll see. But this is a pretty good group of pieces, so if you have time, click on them and take a look.

Low-Bidding Mental Illness
This one deals with how Texas has put its mental hospitals up for private company bidding, with the first bidder being GEO Cares, a subsidiary of GEO, the private prison industry giant

Chipping Away
This one deals with the Fort Worth Code of Ethics and how politics runs in Cowtown

Don't Frack With Me
This one deals with the humorous blowback to the natural gas industry, which the Fort Worth Weekly has had the leading reporting on for years now

A Valuable Crop
This one deals with the private prison industry--probably the third cover we've run on the issue in the last few years (and the art director should win a national award for that cover, just sayin'

Your Land Is My Land
This one deals with the fight of Julia Trigg Crawford to keep TransCanada corp from crossing her family's farm via eminent domain for the Keystone Pipeline's southern leg

Don't Drink the Water
This one deals with a community which has had its water supply destroyed by natural gas well drilling

Man, that's a good group of stories. Lots of credit to my editor Gayle Reaves, a Pulitzer and Polk prize winner for pushing and pulling and making sense out of nonsense sometimes.
   Check them out. I'm proud of my work this year. And hell, we're still in the first week of October!

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