Thursday, August 22, 2013

Good Day Yesterday and It's Spilling Over

Well, yesterday was a good day. Some friends started a crazy "help gorman" page with pics of my leg to disgust people and holy mackeral! People I don't know have responded with all sorts of cures, some money to pay medical bills and who knows what all. And that is going to allow me to keep paying the home care specialist, whom I think is fantastic and whose word I trust, to come to the house even when she's not officially paid for it. That's great, because when she changes me and says the wound looks good, I feel confident. When a friend, whom I adore and who has been a fantastic help, no fooling, through all of this, changes it, well, I'm still nervous. Probably shouldn't be but am.
   Then the kids came over last night, including cousins, and I did a little yard work--which Chepa took over with wonderful exuberance, freeing me up to swing the kids on the recently repaired tree swing. Man, I love that swing. It turned his house into a home for Madeleina years ago and when it was not working--broken rope for more than a year--we all suffered. Why did I delay fixing it? I don't know. I couldn't find the rope I wanted and so just let it stay broken. Then I finally asked someone in a store what would be a good substitute and they told me and Italo climbed the tree and got the rope in the right position and bam! the swing was fixed and last night the kids' laughter was the payoff. Worth the pain and I'll never wait to fix it again.
    And then the kids went wild with chalk mush: They like to take the big chalk and soak it till it becomes a paste and then smear it all over the porch, the big rock, the truck, the front door. Makes a mess but makes for a lot of joy so it too is worth the pain.
    And now this morning, with my computer and phone back on after nearly 48 hours without them because a road crew cut the line, I was able to answer mail, read my newspapers and all that morning stuff. Great to be connected again. And then, for the second day running, I took a two hour nap. I think it's just the meds getting to me. There are heavy pain killers and heavy antibiotics. I've cut the pain killers by about half and will get off them by the end of the week except for those times when I really need them. But silly as it sounds, just allowing myself to take a nap with no end in sight--like if it went three hours I would not get up cursing that I lost the day--takes a lot out of me. I've never allowed myself anything but short naps so this is new. I guess it's part of the healing process to learn to let myself go with the injury. Learn to love yourself, Gorman. At least learn to let yourself take a two hour nap now and then...
    And in an hour I'm going to see the surgeon to get his take on how things are going. And I hope he's pleased. That would be icing on a very fantastic 24 hours.

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