Saturday, October 05, 2013

Just a Little Rant Regarding Fences, Food, and Social Security

A friend of mine from back in childhood and highschool cut and pasted a picture of WWl vets behind a fence being denied entrance to the WW ll memorial in Washington DC. Next to it is a picture of two supposed-to-be Mexican illegals climing into the US over a simple barbed wire fence. The caption reads something like: President Obama Logic 102: He'll fence them out (meaning the vets) but not them? (indicating the illegal Mexicans.
    It bothered me but since he's my old pal and since he rails against both republican and democratic idiocy, I left it alone. That is, I left it alone until someone posted that my friend was racist for posting the pic. So I jumped into the fray with this:
    L: I love you and know that healing--[he just had surgery]--is a pain in the, you know. But, Obama didn't erect any fence to keep anyone out of the WW ll memorial. The republicans shut down the government, which means there's no one to work the memorial, which means that it's closed. So that's the republicans.
    As for the Mexico fence, well, I've been living in Texas nearly 12 years now and all that the fence that has been built has done is make it difficult for families who live on both sides of the border to visit, to see their back yards and so forth. It certainly hasn't stopped a single person coming in, and the reason for that is that our country comes to a halt if there are no illegals to pick crops. We simply starve. We depend on illegals for crop picking, restaurant dishwashing, laying our roads in Texas--hired by the Texas govt--digging ditches, doing all the work no one else will do.
    On top of that, President Obama has deported more illegals than any other president--with a focus on deporting those with an criminal record. So he's been the toughest President on illegals, without question. Hell, even insane Governor Perry here in Tejas doesn't want the fence because it does nothing but look ugly/cut farms in half/cost money. But it certainly has not kept a single person out: You just bring a ladder to the Mexican side and there you go.
    The additional benefits of illegals, of course, is that they'll keep Social Security solvent for 100 years if the Feds stop stealing from it.  That's because illegals tend to use legitimate social security cards and numbers and pay into it. But they'll never collect, and the person to whom it belongs will only receive his/her $1400 a month max, so the additional thousands/tens of thousands being poured into a card like that weekly/monthly simply go into the social security pool. And it's not unusual to find cards being used by 500 people or more. With all of those people paying $20-$30 a week into social security, one card might be accumulating $15,000 grand weekly. So the pic you posted, well, I won't get into the racist thing the first respondent did, but I will say that it's completely inaccurate. And I hope you feel better quickly.

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