Friday, November 07, 2014

Okay, so this is what happens, sometimes....

Okay. So I finished the primary writing for the Sapo book and had several great editors move things around. Then I moved things around. Then, since it's my name on it, I did the best I could and passed it on to the art director and we should have a book pretty soon.
   But then, today, I had to finish an article that was freelance. That means money for Christmas present and you know I was thrilled to get the assignment. I hope I did a good job. But while I was finishing that this morning, an editor who wants a new book--secret project so do not even ask--called to see how it was coming. I had nothing to offer because I've written 17 pieces for publication since Aug 7--an incredible amount of hot air except that I did my homework and some people are going to pay for their lousy ways because of what I dug up with the help fo whistle blowers and so forth.
   So I'm finishing the article and talking with the publisher and then Madeleina called to say that Chepa and I had to be at her school to give her away in some marching band fest. Which was fine except that several people are coming in to my house tonight for three days of feasting and medicine. Which means feast tonight, no food tomorrow. So what to make? What if they're vegetarians, vegans, carnivores? What if nobody comes?
   Doesn't matter. I bought and prepared a spaghetti squash with garlic/red pepper for the vegans, with couscous and a zuccini, yellow squash, tomato, garlic, onion, broccoli and cauliflower medley. For the vegetarians I made a potato and egg salad, homemade hummus, flat bread. For the fish eaters I have salmon with sesame seeds, sesame oil, scallions, ginger, garlic and sliced red pepper with daicon radish. For the carnivores I have chicken, beef ribs and steak with rice, broccoli/spinach.
   How the heck did it come to having six people over for dinner and you have to make four or five different meals? I have no idea. I'm just glad I can still think on my feet.

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