Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ah, the First Joys of Christmas

Well, we had a lovely night last night, taking the whole family plus a couple of friends of Madeleina's to the Cleburne Park where there were a million light everywhere, a real fairy land, unless you know that the prisoners at the county jail are the ones who risked their neck climbing high into the trees to put those lights up in exchange for getting a couple of days out of county. Still, the lights are beautiful and having the whole family enjoying something together, no arguments, nothing but laughter for a couple of hours, was great. Followed up by my twice a year pizza--four large pies, eat all you can, and then Madeleina's friends stayed over for a slumber party so the world is good.
   Today, friends went home took Madeleina out to get a tree and some stocking stuffers and food. I was thinking of shrimp or fish, something light. At the same time I wanted something warm because it's been chilly and damp out here. Got a few hundred bucks of stuff that will be fun for a couple of days, got a tree Madeleina said was way too small but one that looks like a beauty to me, dealt with the lines, made it home.
  For food I picked out a half-loin roast of pork. Gonna make it by tying it up, searing it, putting a couple of orange slices--without the skin, too acidic--on it after it's been well peppered, and sit it on a bed of celery stalks, sliced onion, and granny smith apples. Gonna put that in the oven at 325. Gonna par boil baby carrots and red potatoes, then put those into the baking dish to absorb some juice during the last 45 minutes of the 90 minute cooking time. At the same time I do that I'm going to put in a generous portion of sauerkraut with the juice to bake along with the potatoes, carrots and the rest.
    Gonna make a nice pan gravy and augment it with good organic vegetable stock if need be.
    I'm looking forward most to the sauerkraut.
    I asked Madeleina to cut me two heads--about 24 teeth--of garlic. She's refusing. "I'm putting my foot down, dad. I'm not doing garlic tonight. I already have to go through the stocking gifts for the girls and I'm exhausted from the sleepover..."
    Doesn't matter. It's Christmas and everybody is allowed to be tired--except dad. And since I'm dad, I'm gonna make her a great dinner and she'll be laughing before long. If I forget to tell you all, I hope you have a Merry Christmas, no matter how you express that. Great Solstice, whatever. I hope you get to have a nice night with friends and family, I hope you're all safe and warm and well fed and I hope that if you have left overs you remember to invite someone who's not warm or well fed. Love to all.

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