Sunday, May 03, 2015

Oy vey! More food stuff!

Sunday Afternoon: Italo and Taylor Rain came over this morning and I took them out for tacos at a place in Godley, TX, (Del Norte Tacos) that's got such a name for itself that people drive from Fort Worth just to get them. It's really good. I mean, really good. About $4 a taco but each has 1/4 pound of meat that's been smoked over hickory and something else I can't put my finger on.
     We bought an extra two for Madeleina, then Italo took his daughter and me on a back road ride that was just glorious.
      Perfect morning. We returned to find Madeleina had re-cleaned the house we just cleaned yesterday, including her room--first time in months!--and the scented candles were on, the place smelled fantastically and all was good with the world. I went shopping early, thinking that since no one had called/written, we were eating alone. And since Madeleina brought up chicken cacciatore yesterday, I bought peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and a chicken. Enough for six people.
     But Madeleina's friend Patrick--who worked with me yesterday--came over, so now were are three. Then Michael and Dian--whom we freaking adore--decided to come. Now we're five. Plenty of cacciatore for all.
    Then Chepa called. She's sick. She needs my lime-chicken. That's chicken breast breaded with breadcrumbs mixed with good parmesan cheese, sauteed.  Once it's sauteed on both sides for color, I squeeze lime juice, fresh, onto it, and sprinkle with more parmesan cheese. Then I bake it till done. It is my invention and spectacular. I cooked it restaurants as a special for years and probably sold out every night it appeared.
    But Chepa's new kids, Sierra and Alexa, don't like that. And the cacciatore will be too much. So I'm gonna make some drumsticks for them, then feed the rest to the dogs for dinner. Except the new pups, who are not great with bones yet, so I'll mix their food with some chicken livers I have and will cook.
    Okay, so we went from two to 8, and maybe 9 if Marco comes over or we send a plate back with Chepa for him--cause we love him--and I've got a feeling that Italo and Taylor might show up as well. Dinner for 11. Four separate meals, including dogs. Time to get to work, I guess. I've only got 1 hour and 20 minutes to get this done.
     I love living, and I love a bit of pressure. Gonna be great! You're in the neighborhood, stop by. We'll have plenty!

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Unknown said...

Wow that Lime-Chicken recipe sounds great! Definitely gonna try it out tonight. :))))