Wednesday, May 20, 2015

That Time of Year in Texas

Well, it's that time of year in Texas. We've had probably 20 days of rain in the last 25 days, making lawn mowing impossible but keeping the grasses--which will be brown in August after no rain in 50 days--growing wildly. We've had so much water the septic tank flood plain won't hardly accept any more, meaning we're running all water out of the house via hoses except the toilet, just to keep it at a functioning level. And it's also that time of year when every goddamned sip of coffee finds a new bug in my mouth. I just pulled out the cutest little thing--about 1/4 inch long, narrow. It wasn't in there when I poured the coffee two minutes ago, so it must have made its way in unnoticed while I put my sneakers on. But then there are moths, the crazy long-legged mosquitos that don't harm anyone so I don't kill them, lady bugs, small bees, fruit flies. Heck, have a glass of wine and you have enough fruit flies in it in two minutes to do a high school science fair experiment.
    Funny: I don't remember this in New York, and I don't remember anything this thick in Peru or even India.
    Just Texas. This time of year when the windows are open and the rain pours down.


stephen said...

Peter,to save valuable time and energy why not get a couple of goats to eat the grass?
and then a nice goat curry to end the summer?

Peter Gorman said...

We've had goats on several occasions. They simply will not eat grass. They eat flowers, vegetables, but not a blade of grass. It's the darndest thing. And we've had different types. None of them ate grass.

Siebie said...

Lol! The article made me laugh out loud, and then I laughed even harder at the comments! My wine is also always full of fruit flies! And a while back I left some guava juice outside, about half a glass. When I swallowed the rest in the dark, I felt something big against my lips with the last sip.... giant cochroach! ....... I almost vomited!