Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Trips Coming Up; Time to Sign on to Change Your Life, Maybe

Everyone: My Jan and Feb trips are sorely needing clients. Please pass the word: I've got a trip in Jan and another in Feb. Both are 9 1/2 day Jungle Intensives. Both are fantastic. There is a lot of Jungle Medicine, from Ayahuasca to local Shrooms to the Matses' medicines Sapo and Nu-Nu. There is also riverboat travel, walks in pristine high jungle and a primordial swamp that might blow your mind; night canoeing on a beautiful tributary of the Amazon way, way deep in the jungle. There is wild food collecting with the Matses, bows and arrows, medicine walks and a whole lot more. It's the best package of fantastic things to do that I can come up with after more than 30 years playing in that jungle. The 9 1/2 days will feel like a year's worth of growth. The trips are costly at $2200, but past airfare and walking around money, which you supply, there are no other costs. And there are a couple of scholarships, which are worth $400, making the trip cost $1800, available for those to whom it means coming or not coming.
    You've got to decide. A lot of you have already been with me on these. You know the value. This is real jungle and no one else is offering it. It's also well protected because the trips are small and my team always outnumbers the guests. So if you've been thinking about ayahuasca and the jungle, or if you just want to see and be in and feel real Amazon jungle, deep jungle, then the time is here to jump in, spend your savings, borrow a couple of bucks on your credit cards and get with the program. These are very unusual and wonderful and eye opening and sometimes life-changing trips. No fooling.
   But if you hesitate, you lose. So contact me at peterg9 at or at and jump into it! You got nothing to lose and a whole heck of a lot to gain. More detailed info at under the TOURS button.

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