Friday, September 02, 2016

Nice Phone Call from My Kid

Nice phone call from my oldest, Italo, this morning. It was about 7 AM so I figured it to be Chepa but no, it was Italo. He'd been over yesterday and got my riding mower working after two or three years and then attacked the one section of yard I have not gotten to since the rains stopped--the section over the bridge on the hill by the chicken coop--which, by the way, needs major work to be operational again!!!!
     Anyway, not to be outdone, I had a couple of glasses of wine (a cabernet named 337--not bad at all), then got the push mower going and redid the very front lawn--just done last week, but we've had a couple of night rains so it has been growing fast--and then the section of lawn between the telephone poles and the drainage ditch off the road. That last is a bit of a pain and I decided to get the whole 10' by 150' piece of it done.
   Anyway, before the mowing I started a simple tomato sauce: Lots of garlic in good olive oil, a large, freshly chopped red onion, a good vine-ripened tomato. Once that was done I tossed in a jar of organic tomato sauce (about $2.48, I think it's Bertolli), cracked black pepper and sea salt. I loostened it with organic vegetable broth and put it on low. Near the time I was ready to use it, I put in a good three or four tablespoons of grated parmesan cheese to give it a bite.
   Later, after the lawn mowing and another glass of that 337 Cabernet Sauvignon, I sliced 3 half- chicken breasts in half, so I had six portions of meat, then breaded them and sauteed them and seared them in a bit of that olive oil with garlic.
   I transferred them to a glass baking dish, covered them in the sauce and topped them with fresh mozzarella cheese and threw them in the preheated oven at 350 degrees.
  While they baked I made a good bunch of steamed broccoli florets and then a nice romaine salad with tasty blue cheese I crumbled into bits and served that with my balsamic vinagrette for me and  organic ranch for Italo and his daughter, my granddaughter, Taylor Rain. No starch.
   The meal was definitely tasty. I haven't made chicken parmesan for a few months now--just too hot in the summer for it, right?
  So we ate and watched some Seinfeld, then they left and I washed some dishes, read a bit of news on the net and went to bed.
   I managed to sleep pretty good--thank you, spirits--and got up at 6. Then Italo's call came at 7.
   "Hey pops, you okay?"
   "Sure, buddy, what's up?"
   "I just want to say thanks for that dinner last night. That was fucking delicious!"
   "You're welcome, no sweat."
   "The thing is, I woke up feeling so good because of it. My whole body feels great! Thanks, pops!"
  I think he and Sarah and Taylor eat pretty well at their house. I don't know if they go out of their way to make the broccoli or would add the fresh ingredients to the tomato sauce, or buy an organic tomato sauce or the fresh mozzarella. Most people wouldn't. The same meal would still taste great without that stuff. But with it, and then the salad as well, my kid's body felt so good he had to call me to let me know. And that's cool. The phone call was cool, but even more cool was being reminded that fresh food can do wonders for the human body.
    Thanks for the reminder, buddy.

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