Thursday, September 07, 2017

One More Time on the Ayahuasca Diet Prior to Ceremony

So someone posted on facebook about their diet before ayahuasca. Sounded miserable to me, and pointless. Here is my take on it, one more time, perhaps from a different angle.
   I have always been the dieta hetetic, as I never heard of one until about 2000, 16 years after I started drinking the medicine. At the same time, when I take people out to the woods, I am very clear: On the day of ayahuasca, after I've already controlled your diet for a few days with good food, beans, rice, a bit of chicken, lots of veggies and fruit, I will feed you one meal. That meal will be finished before noon, 9 hours before you drink the medicine. After the meal I send my guests out on a 3-4 hour jungle medicine hike, and when they return they are allowed lime tea (if they need electrolytes), a single mandarin orange if they need sugar, a bit of cucumber with salt if they are short on salt, or a glass or two of water if they need hydration. I explain that anyone in ceremony who is dehydrated, short on sugar or electrolytes or salt, will do me no good in ceremony. But I also explain that if they go back to their private spaces and eat two handfuls of almonds or three granola bars, then that is what they will be vomiting. And with ayahuasca they have the chance to vomit out the bile of their lives. They have the opportunity to eliminate pain they have received or inflicted. If their stomachs are full of Chinese food or candy bars, that's what they will vomit, but they will forfeit the chance to eliminate the deep pain they carry. So why cheat? I do try to control their diet for several days prior to first ceremony by what I suggest and what I cook, but the day of ceremony, I want them coming in strong and clean.

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