Friday, May 04, 2018

Remembering the Kent State Massacre

Unless I have my dates wrong, May 4, 1970 was the day that 4 unarmed college kids were gunned down by the Ohio State Guard at Kent State University for protesting the illegal bombing of Cambodia by the Nixon administration. Kids that were putting flowers in the rifle barrels of the National Guard. The Guard shot a total of 67 rounds, killing four, permanently paralyzing one and injuring, I think, 8 others. It is a day of infamy. A day of horror. Let us never forget or forgive. Let us stay ever vigilant against the powers that be lest they think they are actually the power, not we. Because we are the power that moves this country. WE are it. The corporations, the military, the administration, they are all just working for us at our disposal and whim. We can change them out in a heartbeat. They are our gardeners, nothing more. At Kent State, they thought they were the power and rained down on us. That must never happen again. That means Black Lives Matter, Kids' lives Matter, Your life Matters. Stay strong, stand tall, do not quiver.

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