Monday, May 28, 2018

The USA: Love it or Fix it

Somehow, my fb page had a conversation on it from some conservative types who were all touting that people complain about the USA but then enjoy its freedoms. They talked about how bad it is in other countries and if people don't like it here they should get the hell out. I had to respond, so I did. Here's what I wrote:
I don't know how this ended up on my page, but since it did, I have to tell you that there are dozens of countries that have the same and often more freedoms than we have here in the USA. And better economies, and better schools, better medical availability, and so forth. It's just a myth that we are the best. We're not any longer. And no, I'm not moving. My family is here an that makes this home. But the home, USA, could certainly use some improving in a lot of areas: How we treat immigrants--especially illegal immigrants--and asylum seekers; how we treat, mistreat, minorities; how we are in love with imprisoning people; how we like to make poor people grovel for the little bit of help we offer them in the way of food stamps or HUD housing; how we love to take from the middle class and give to the rich; how we care so little for the environment these days; how we deny science as a reality; how we love to bomb the shit out of other countries, and how we love to sell weapons to others so that they can do it too. The list of needed improvements is pretty extensive. Time to get to work on that.

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