Friday, March 29, 2019

Illness Update

Just for the few who might be concerned: I'm on the mend. It's been 41 or 42 days but the infection looks to be on the wane. New blood tests from this morning will hopefully allow me to get off antibiotics in another week or so. Dang, I've never been hit like this before. Weak and useless. Watching tv at night just to get my feet up in a lazy-boy my kids bought me for christmas. Watching the trees bloom. But getting better: Walking in the supermarket, and the physical therapist has me walking with my head up, not down, so that I'm striding with more confidence. I did a story for the Fort Worth Weekly, my paper, this week, and loved pushing myself to do it. I have a podcast with the any Mystic next week, and I'm gonna be good for that. My friend, Mike McCoy, who's made a movie about me--More Joy, Less Pain--is having a screening in Dallas in early May an asked me if I'll be well enough to talk/answer questions before the show. I said yes, I'll be strong then.
I will cut grass today and make chicken wings for my ex wife's kids for after school. I'm gonna get strong.
And tody, I'm wearing a very bright blue-green shirt because I feel like a million bucks, relatively speaking.
Just an update for the few who want to know.
And I hope you're all feeling well and enjoying Spring. Ain't it great to be alive?????

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