Thursday, March 14, 2019

Slightly Pissed Off at God

I have never been the strongest kid on the block. I never pretended to be. Billy Gerba and a host of kids could beat me up and did. That does not mean I was not strong because I was. I hiked, I biked, I did hundreds of pushups daily, more than 1000 situps daily. Probably the most fun I ever had in my life over the long term was being married to Chepa, playing handball 4 hours a week with Earl the Pearl, doing 140 pushups (two sets of 70) and 2500 situps/crunches (two sets of 1250 each) daily, riding a bike 15-20 miles a day through New York City traffic, and then throwing a football two hours a day three days a week with the fantastic Malcolm MacKinnon, plus playing on the High Times BONGHITTERS softball team as shortstop. While I wrote investigative reporter pieces that helped change laws, sent bad cops to prison, exposed bad federal black ops, and so forth.
And then sickness came. The poison spider, the malaria, the hemmorhagic dengue, the intensine explosion that caused three operations that cost me three years because they cut me open from solar plexis to navel, and finally the flesh eating bacteria that ate half my right foreleg.
So while I don't want to grump, while most people I know get the flu for 3-4 days once every couple of years, right now I'm deep into the new leg bacteria: 6 days in Iquitos, one day travel, four days in Texas, eight days in the hospital, including 3 days in Intensive Care Unit, and now on my 14th day at home with hospital visits three times a week, home nurses twice a week.
Come on. People get sick for a few days. Not 33 days with no freaking end in sight! This isn't normal and I object! if the powers that be want me to be weak, okay, I get it. But what about the 35 years of pushups, sit ups, handball, football, bike riding, Amazon hiking, raising kids?
And then when I am feeling sorry for myself because I am asking people to help me, I remember that there are kids in Yemen, Syria, Honduras, and 50 other places who just lost an arm or leg, or their mom or dad, or who are starving.
Who would make a world like this where kids who are totally innocent would suffer? If I get to heaven and if there is a god, I have some freaking questions.
For the rest of you, I hope you are having a wonderful night, getting kissed by someone you wanted to kiss.
Peace, out. Peter G

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