Sunday, April 21, 2019


Spoiler Alert: Slight morbidity ahead. Okay, so I was thinking about pain today. My legs, almost better from the flesh eating bacteria, were hurting. And I was picturing a nurse or doctor asking me what my pain level was on a 1-10. And if they asked me today might have said 4: Enough for Ibuprofin or morphine, but not enough for dilaudid. And that would have been accurate. But then I thought about how I felt when my intestinal ulcer burst and sent three (3) liters of acified melting poop into my abdominal cavity and it began burning my lungs, heart, stomach, liver and kidneys and that was a lot worse than today. And then I thought about a kid in Yemen starving to death over the course or two weeks and that would be WAY worse than any pain I ever had. And then I thought of Iraqui kids having houses fall down on them and cutting their legs off while they were still alive and I thought, well, compared to them I am a minus-40 for pain. So everybody: Can we stop starving kids, stop blowing them up, stop the endless pain which is so much worse than most of us will ever know that we are not even on the same damned scale? Can we do that for freaking humanity, please?????

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