Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Ridiculous Meme and My Responses

Here is a ridiculous meme going around asking nutty questions. I've answered them. This is a haul folks, so get a glass of wine and relax while you read through.
I got this from a good friend and could not let it go unanswered:
Sharing from a friend:
Everyone should be asking these questions! 👇🏼
These are the important questions folks need to be asking themselves:
1. Why can you go to Walmart but not Kohl's?
Answer: Kohl's sells clothes and shoes, not food. Supermarkets are necessary; clothing stores not so much. But you can still order Kohl's stuff online.
2. Why the Dollar store and not a mom-and-pop shop?
Answer: Dollar General here in Texas sells a lot of food stuff, cheaply, making it vital for poor people. Mom and Pop stores are open here as well, depending on what they sell. If they sell food, they are open.
3. Why can't you have an elective surgery, but you can have an abortion which is elective?
Answer: Elective surgery, like the surgery on my prostate, can wait. Abortions become more difficult as time goes by, so calling them "elective" is disingenuous.
4. Why should you stay inside but yet heat and sunlight kill the virus?
Answer: No one is supposed to stay inside. Go out all you want here in the USA, but don't mingle much (though that is fairly ignored). In Peru you are welcome to enjoy the sun in your yard or porch all day long.
5. Why can't kids (who are not at risk) play on an outdoor playground, where sun kills this virus?
Answer: Kids at an outdoor playground will get saliva on one another, making the risk of their bringing Covid home to parents and grandparents dangerously high. Like everyone else they can play in their yards or on the rooves of their apartment buildings, like a lot of us did.
6. Why don't people know that these are "recommendations" not laws because they have not gone through due process?
Answer: Here in the USA people know these are recommendations and some people protest them by not wearing masks and congregating. The incidence of covid among them rises dramatically after such actions, of course. In some places, Marshall law has been declared, but not in the US. Restaurants near me have never closed.
7. Why is it okay for government officials to get a haircut, but not common citizens?
Answer: I have no idea why govt officials can get a haircut. If they can go to a barber, they should pay a steep fine for risking my life for their ego. The rest of us have friends cutting our hair.
8. Why the fear, when this virus has a less than 1% death rate?
Answer: In the USA we have 70,000 out of 1.2 million, which is about 6 percent, not 1 percent. Worldwide it's closer to 7 percent. And those numbers are low becuse of lack of testing, Florida's prohibition of publising the covid death numbers, etc.
9. Why have coroners questioned death certificates listed as CV-19?
Answer: People die from kidney problems, heart problems, pneumonia and a host of other things that they would not have had if not infected by covid-19. So some people question whether those are really covid-19 deaths. They are if the dead in question would not have died if they didn't have covid-19 to create/exacerbate other problems.
10. Why are areas like Chicago and NY gearing up for mass vaccination?
Answer: New York and Chicago have very dense populations. On a given "normal" day in Manhattan you might pass within 5 feet of 10,000 or more people just going to and coming from the subway. While I am not a fan of vaccinations I can see why densely populated areas would think it would be a good idea.
11. What makes one person essential and another not?
Answer: Some jobs, like doctors and nurses and hospital orderlies are obviously essential. So are police, garbage men, firemen, morturary workers and people who provide food. I'/m a jounalist and not essential to be working among others except occasionally--otherwise I can work from home. Someone who tends a zoo is essential to keeping those animals in his or her charge alive and healthy. We love barbers and nail salon people, but if we don't have their services for a few weeks, nothing will die. So they, like me, are non-essential.
12. Doesn't shelter at home; mean there is a whole population of people, not staying home so we can?
Answer: Yes, essential workers are out there on the dangerous front lines. But once off work they should go back and shelter at home too.
13. Why are they dividing us?
Answer: Red herring. No one is dividing us if we don't play into the selfishness of others.
14. How do people not know that we are a Republic, not a democracy?
Answer: Another red herring. Sticking this in a series of questions about covid-19 is just silly.
15. Where has the flu gone?
Answer: Still here, killing as many as it generally does.
16. Why do the homeless consistently demonstrate the lowest infection rates?
Answer: They don't.
17. Why are they telling us to mask up after 2 months of lockdown?
Answer: It's been 5-6 weeks of separation, not lockdown (at least not here in the USA) but we wear masks so we don't spit, cough, or sneeze on other people, as that is how people get infected
18. Why is the CDC saying kids need to be masked when they return to school or attend church, when they know cloth masks restrict oxygen?
Answer: You are really, really reaching here.
19. What is this oppression and loss of liberty doing to the mental health of our kids and to us?
Answer: Calling basic safety precautions "opression" gives away your extreme right wing political bent. Not good. Staying apart and not hugging our friends and kids is certainly taking an emotional and mental toll, but it beats dying.
20. Why have most other death rates dropped since the virus?
Answer: They have not. Stop peppering these questions with bologna.
21. Why did world leaders meet in China in October 2019?
Answer: They didn't. The Summit was cancelled. There was a G-20 meet in June, 2019, a regularly scheduled meeting of the G-20.
22. Why are the common people being controlled by the government and no one is controlling the government?
Answer: Who is being controlled by the government? No one is controlling the government because trump has been given a free hand by McConnell and his ass kissers.
23. Why are hospitals paid more for Covid 19 deaths?
Answer: I think this is phony, but if they are it's because covid-19 deaths are freaking expensive to handle becuse of the possibility of contagion.
24. Why are some doctors speaking out and then getting silenced?
Becuse plastic surgeons and people who are advertising their businesses have nothing to add to the dialog except to endanger people
25. Why did Obama give the Wuhan lab $334 million dollars?
Answer: It was $3.7 million, not $334 million, and it was over a seven year period. It was given by NIH and a chunk of it was given by trump. Very little went to Wuhans virology lab as most went to a non-profit eco firm
26. What does a computer geek have to do with a pandemic and why does he want 7 billion corona virus vaccines?
Answer: Good god, now you're movig into the Gates conspiracy theories?
27. Why ID 2020, Agenda 21 and 2030?
Answer: Because you are freaking, flaming paranoid.
28. Why did the CDC have a job posting for pandemic relief workers in November 2019?
Answer: CDC posts job openings regularly. Only the very paranoid fringe -- and unhinged -- right wing nuts thought that was unusual, though they post job openings all the time, including for pandemic relief workers.
29. Why did Dr. Fauci say in 2017 that the Trump administration would be faced with a " SURPRISE PANDEMIC " and then runs the pandemic team?
Answer: Because we were due for a pandemic. They arrive every several years and it was time.
30. Why are they infringing on Christians religious freedoms?
Answer: Because you are fucking weenies who are the most priveleged people but who think you are infringed upon. Grow some balls you dickless schmucks.
31. Why can 500 people shop at Menards or Home Depot, but we are not allowed to go into a church building?
Answer: Because the things you need to keep your home operating are at Menards and Home Depot, and God is within you, not in a church.


Bill Freimuth said...

Brilliant, Peter.

I love watching your growing frustration with these conspiracy nuts. Your last line is the best.

While I'm 100% on the "keep people alive despite inconveniences" side, I found this article somewhat enlightening:


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