Monday, May 04, 2020

Stolen Lawnmower

So I'm out here in bucolic Joshua, Texas. Outside of the few blocks of town everybody has an acre or 50, and there are lots of neighbors' homes I've never seen because they are hidden behind tree stands or just too far back on the property to get a look at.
People here are nice: In my 18 years here since moving from New York I've never been robbed, never had an issue with anyone. Until a few days ago.
I've got a huge garage that is normally unlocked that has lots of stuff in it, much of which someone might want. I also have a small cabin that has some stuff in it.
Nothing ever touched.
Now last week my lawnmower stopped and my son Italo took it apart, found out what was not working, ordered the part and left the mower on or near the porch of the cabin.
Part came in a couple of days ago and Italo came over to install it and put the mower back together.
Only problem was that someone had stolen the mower. Who the hell steals a push electric lawnmower that is several years old with its motor taken apart? What kind of nimnod does that?
I'm still pissed because now I have to lock the garage and cabin, and I have to get a new mower, but what the heck: They could have just rolled away the tractor-mower if they were gonna rob me. It was right next to the broken mower.
Takes all kinds, I guess.

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