Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Sticky Bread

This is my third, and possibly last, post regarding the insane Q-Anon. That might change in the future.Here is the deal: Q-Anon, 4-Chan, 8-Chan and a host of other conspiracy sites were created by pimply teens who live in their mom's basements and need love. The sites were jokes but brought them needed attention.
What rocked those kids, and I know one, was that some people took it seriously. People were jerking off to the idea of Oprah and Hillary C abducting, killing, and drinking the blood of children. That turned those pimply 16-year-olds on so much that they kept it all going.
And some of you have fallen for it, just as 40 percent of the US population has Stockholm syndrome after being kidnapped and hijacked by the ridiculous Trump. (Man has an IQ of six if I give him the benefit, but yes, people abducted by him became enamored with him, if you can believe it!!!!!)
So the pimply teens making up Q-Anon and 4-Chan and a thousand other sites are jerking off imagining you jerking off to their freaking jokes.
For those of you who believe this nonsense, I hope you like being a part of a big circle jerk. Question is, who is gonna be stuck eating the sticky bread?


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spiral347 said...

It's dumb as hell, there's no doubt about that. It's pretty clear Trump is pandering to the people who believe it though. I mean look at this video, he is asked by a reporter directly if he is fighting satanic pedophile cannibals. His response? "Is that a bad thing... actually we are..."


I'm guessing someone on his team told him there was this sizeable bunch of idiots who vote for him that believe this whacko conspiracy theory, so might aswell pander to them. Of course he has no morals or scruples so he does it.