Saturday, March 31, 2007

Podcast of Shamanism Primer

Don't know if this is done on blogs, so if I'm off base, clue me. I guest-blogged on a couple of weeks ago. Actually, he ran the A Primer on Shamanism in Northeast Amazonia piece and it got a lot of hits there. And then he wrote me a few days ago to say someone did a podcast of it, reading some of it and discussing some of it. The part involving A Primer... begins 20 minutes into it but the whole show is pretty good.
The link is, the guy who read from the story and discussed it did it so well that it was a thrill to hear it. Ego, I know, but it was a kick and a half anyway.
So check it out.


Phoenix said...

Cool! I checked out the podcast. well done.

Erika said...

Enjoy your trip, I am jealous, but you've inspired me to go back to my shaman in Iquitos and get further healing, thanks for reminding me that it was as profound as I remember. Now back to my writing to evoke those intense experiences all over again. Ride the ethers!