Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Life Keeps on Getting More and More Complicated

So I get back to town two weeks ago today, stomach stitched up from the blown-holes in my intestines and feeling weak. Wearing a girdle and can't lift a thing. Then there's my wife Chepa--my estranged wife--looking pregnant and I ask if she is and she says "Four months," which is okay except that I still love her and wish the baby was mine. It's not.
So I get through a couple of weeks of reacclimating and start to get down to work: My regular gig in Fort Worth needs some stories from me to fill out my annual production, for which I get an annual stipend. I get lucky with Skunk Magazine, for whom I write the Drug War Follies column, when they forgive the lousy column I wrote a few weeks ago the day after my second sugery, under the influence of pain killers and pain, and say I have a new column due in 10 days. Thanks, fellas.
Then this weekend Chepa's boyfriend showed up in town and suddenly my haircut--that she said she wanted to give me--went out the window (I understand cause I know that love can make you forget everything else, and it's her right), and my kids say he's moving back to Fort Worth. Great. I'm in love with his and her first baby, 19-month-old Sierra, whom I've written about and whom I've pretty much raised--at least for 12 of the 19 months--and suddenly I'm going to lose her if her dad comes back into her life full time. Which he should, for her sake, but it's still a heartbreak for me.
And because he's moving back, my son Marco, who moved in with his mom several months ago, asks if he can move back with me. Of course: A dad loves his kids forever, not just on the good days. But then my son Italo says "If Marco comes back is he going to help with the work this time?"
Legit question as Marco doesn't generally help until you're screaming at him in the "Dad" voice, which I'd prefer not to take out too often.
I tell Italo that I've talked with Marco about his responsibilities if he returns full time.
And then today I'm told that Chepa's boyfriend isn't moving to Fort Worth, he's actually moving to Connecticut. Which means I'll get to play with Sierra for a while longer but also means that with Marco back at my house I'll have to mow the lawn at Chepa's and I'll be buying diapers not just for Sierra but for the new baby as well.
Ain't life mysterious and fantastic? I'm lost in all of this, of course, but I'm still loving living.
Hooray! Confustion at the Gorman household! Insanity of the sweetest kind reigns.
OH, and the goats escaped while I was gone in Peru and a neighbor took them in. Now Italo's girlfriend Sarah wants them back. Why not? A full house is a fun house. Maybe a crazy Coney Island, Brooklyn fun house, but a fun house none the less.

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