Sunday, July 29, 2007

Marco Moves Back Home, Quite a Disturbance...

So a few days ago my son Marco, who's been living with his mom mostly for the last several months, asks if he can move back into his old room. He says he needs discipline and that I provide it, insisting that he help with the house and yard chores, and now that he's going to college he's going to need more discipline than ever. Well, we love our kids even in the worst of times, so I said okay, but you're going to have to help with the house. And you're still going to have to help mom some, considering that she's pregnant and you've been--generally, as the boyfriend only appears occasionally--the man of that house. Worse, with my stitches still in and my belly still subject to reopening from the last operation, I still can't really help much physically for another couple of months.
He says No problem and I say as long as you understand the rules, I'd love to see you more often.
So he begins to get his things from Mom's and then Italo and his girl Sarah, who live here, say: Hey! Marco only moved back because Mom cut off his Direct TV, his cell phone and the computer last night.
Man, so I've been had again.
The worst part is that Mom, my wife Chepa, has been really really sour the last few days. Most of it might be that she's near 5 months pregnant and the baby is riding low and large already, and she works on her feet 12 hours daily. Some of it may be that I didn't happen to die in Peru when my intestine burst (that's at least half-a-joke), or that she's tired. Or that her old man is not around often enough to kiss her till she's drunk with love. But I'll bet that part of it is that Marco moved back here. Man, I didn't mean to cause confustion in this already broken and busted up family. I just said okay when my kid asked if he could move back home.
And Chepa's so sour that when I told her I was offered a 1995 Mazda in great working order (with 199,000 miles on it) by a pal and that if she wanted I'd buy it for her as her four cars are all busted and not really fixable (she uses one of my old Ford Rangers at the moment) she yelled at me that she didn't want an old car. Man, you offer me a car in working order with a good body and great interior for free and I'll bet I say "Hooray!" not "Who wants an old car like that? Why don't you buy me a new car?" (The answer to the last is that it's her boyfriend's job, not mine, but even if it was my job, I don't have money for a new car).
So Marco moved back home for the time being. Italo and Sara are upset. Madeleina is positively angry because Marco picks on her all the time. And Chepa is so angry that she doesn't want a free car.
Man, if no good deed goes unpunished, imagine what's waiting for me for all this???????
Still, I'm smiling. Ain't life crazy and still grand?

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