Saturday, August 11, 2007

If You Don't Write, I Don't Know You're There...

Listen up, readers. The last week I've had about 50-people a day come to this site. I work hard trying to keep it interesting. Just since July 30, I've written about datura, my Irish-Twin sisters, about my second son moving back home at 19, my friend/enemy Lengua--The Tongue--trying to kill me, and Matses Indian women stealing. I've also written three pieces I've taken off until I can write them better: Two about a few stinking, rotten apples I had on a trip in June and one about my wife's new baby that I love way too much for someone who is never going to be called daddy.
I'll repost those three when there is not so much emotion involved: I don't mind sharing my real heart but I get embarrassed sharing my anger/pain/love with nothing to back it up.
Still, if you all think I am going to spend hours daily trying to write interesting stories and you won't even click on one stinking advertiser to let them know we love them and want them there, then you're more innocent than I think you are.
And if you won't write responses to my work: "I hate you, idiot"; "This sucked. My girlfriend forced me to read it," and so forth, then I am going to stop writing the kind of truth that hurts to write. Heck, you want me to write about a movie I saw? (I havn't been to a movie in 7 years, but pretend I go regularly). I can do that. You want me to write about nonsense just to fill a page? I can do that.
But you want me to write to make you laugh and cry? You want me to write to make you evaluate your station in life, to tell you the truth about being a dad in a busted marriage, then I damned well expect you to visit my sponsors and I very very damned well expect you to respond to my missives.
Cause I'm way too old to be writing into a mirror that only I will see.
Peter G


The Grudge said...

I thoroughly enjoy your stories, all of them. From the craziness of your home to the madness of the jungle. I certainly would like you to continue to write without reservations. Keep up the great work, I am sure people will get on the ball from now on.

Morgan said...

Oh I'm here amigo!

I check this thing a few times daily in the hopes of finding a fresh new post. I dare say I know the net like you know the jungle and this is by far the coolest, hottest campfire, with the tastiest tales, the spiciest brew. Down home and dirty, Iquitos-equator, middle of the forest, portside seats such as these are found nowhere else - and so I thank you a million times over for writing as you do.

hmmmm as for the sponsors, thats a tuff one. I seem to have a built in ability to ignore ads of all shapes and sizes. On the other hand Im sure people out there would love to pick up some of those torches... etc

...and a book is surely on the horizon no? The Collected Works...


many thanks

Anonymous said...


I´m really enjoy your blog, But I can understand your point there about the respond. I can read and understand english but it´s hard to write it...

All the best to you, and to your work and familly.

The Swedish girl

bamboo said...


I click on your ads all the time but the fact is if the same ip address is clicking the ads you simply don't get the revenue. I know this from my own site.

Cheers, keep up the great work.