Saturday, September 08, 2007

Good Morning Everybody!!

Wake up, wake up, you sleepyheads, Wake up, wake up you sleepyheads....
It's Saturday morning at 8:15 in Gormantown Texas and this is just a reminder to have a great day out there. Here the sun is already shining but it's not going to be a scorcher. Madeleina has her first official soccer game today and the coach told me she's making enough progress that he's going to start her. Marco was off to work at 4 AM, finishing up his first week with a a real --though boring--job. Italo is picking up some overtime today and was out by 7; his live-in girlfriend Sarah made a deal for a used car--a 1995 Toyota for $1700--on her own yesterday. And I'm finishing up a big story and will turn it in in about two hours. So things are looking good here.
Heck, I might even try to get part 5 of 25 Years of Shamanism started later today.
Just for the record, we had marinated skirt steak with garlic, sliced onions, tomatoes and green pepper last night--sort of fajita style--over Basmati rice with a wonderful salad and there's plenty left over. And I'm thinking about sauteed sea scallops in a garlic, red pepper and scallion butter sauce tonight. We don't usually do butter here cause I'm too darned fat, but with scallops I'm tempted.
That's the short skinny here. I hope your day is just as full and fantastic.
Gorman out.
NOTE FROM ADVERTISERS: This joyful moment has been brought to you by the expresso coffee bean growers of the world. We fully expect Gorman to crash and be in a foul mood within an hour.


bamboo said...

Like a hummingbird eh?

For dinner this evening we're to be enjoying bbq salmon with perhaps a little wild rice. I feel like I need spruce it up a tad after reading your post.

The Grudge said...

Ugh, wasn't up anywhere near the time of your post. Birthday was on Friday and friends felt it was a good idea to get me obliterated drunk. I had fun the parts I remember and apparently had fun the parts I didn't. I rather be hungover from Aya. Those meals of yours always sound delicious, even in my state. Have a great day.

Hummingbird said...

Good Day, Peter!

(Did you ask the gal out?)

Have a great rest of your day! It's a beee-uuu-teeful day at the central Oregon coast!

Peter Gorman said...

Okay: I havn't asked the girl out yet but she's getting more beautiful by the day. The issue is that I'm 56 and she's probable 25. In Peru that would be no issue; in the USA I would probably go to jail. So I brought my daughter in yesterday to the liquor store where she works and Madeleina, much less intimidated than me, says: Hey! You look like you lost 100 pounds in the last week!! How'd you do that?
Which didn't give me a great opening. But it's coming, no sweat. I'm past fear and will move forward.
Then there's the matter of dinner. I bought these great scallops (sorry all you little guys that died...) and am right now roasting the red peppers in the oven in olive oil, cold press--virgin, organic. The scallions are cut--I added some diced red onion to give a bit of sweet, as is the garlic and two nice Roma tomatoes to lend additional color. I've also got two limes I'll add to the mix when I sautee the garlic, scallions, onion, tomato, and diced some fresh parsley--not a lot, just enough--to give things a hint of freshness. When the sautee in olive oil is finished I'll add half a stick of light butter and then blend with the red peppers (In the restaurants I'd never use a blender, but here at home I'm free to cheat). I'll also put in a decent amount of cracked black pepper.
So the scallops with sauce will be good. I'll serve over basmati rice (getting boring, right?) with a plate base of sauce surrounded by steamed broccoli for Madeleina and surrounded by steamed asparagus for me and Italo.
Marco and Sarah are different stories: For them I've baked garlic chicken legs and made a macaroni salad of elbow macaroni, light mayo, and mixed that with sauteed garlic cooked in olive oil then touched with balsamic vinegar and raw red pepper. Sorry to use red pepper twice in the same night but it was on sale for a buck each, and here in Texas it's generally $2.98 per pepper so I couldn't resist. I'll top with some fresh chopped and dried cilantro to give it an edge, and if I am a pig I might cook up 5 slices of bacon and add that--and some of the bacon grease--to the mix. I can only do that because Marco and Sarah can eat like pigs and stay skinny--the lousy bums.
Anyway, time to cook/eat/feed the dogs.