Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Quick Take on Drugs

Someone recently remarked that ayahuasca, a primary physical, emotional, and spiritual medicine that's utilized throughout the Amazon, was "a fucking drug, first and foremost." The person is way off base in my opinion.
So for what it's worth, here's my opinion.

Ayahuasca, like all Master Plant Teachers and even the Lesser Plant Teachers, is so physically revolting, that you've really got to want to learn what she's got to teach to get it down and keep it down. If that's your idea of a drug, then let's look at drugs.
There are four primary kinds of drugs:
Those that intend to cure or control physical ailments: antibiotics, natural remedies, chemotherapy, etc.
Those that eliminate pain: heroin, aspirin, opiods, meth, ibuprofin, cannabis, etc.
Those that provoke sex: cannabis, alcohol, cocaine, meth, and a couple of others.
Those that teach: Mushrooms, cannabis, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote, Iboga, Amanita Muscaria, Datura, Syrian Rue and some others.
A few overlap.
To be honest, there are only three general reasons people take "drugs" voluntarily: To eliminate pain, to get laid, to learn.
The "learning" drugs are very articulate. If you put them in the same category as pain killers you've missed their point. The learning drugs are plants that willfully want to teach us silly humans something about the universe. And they all make it quite difficult to ingest them: Vomiting on your date won't get you laid, after all. And going through ego-dissolution won't make you the life of the party or ease your pain either.
And if you havn't got that down yet, you're missing a lot.
So yes, ayahuasca is a drug. But you damned well couldn't do it like you can drink a beer or have a shot of whiskey with with a chaser.


Arbol said...

Thats how most people view Aya on the forum. You know only about 5% of the forum members drink Aya, and know the truth. Well the rest...they're wannbe's, spouting their dangerous false knowledge, and bad advice. Most come from the mycotopia and entheogen forums where all they do is talk about getting high on the Plant Teachers. How cool it is, and the best way to ingest. Hell, reading most of the so called dreams on Aya to me are false. It's one of the reasons I refuse to post on that forum. Besides I can't express myself correctly, and when I try it seems that I put my foot in my mouth.

Peter Gorman said...

I think you express yourself just fine, buddy.
Personally, I can't imagine drinking real ayahuasca to get high. Man, that shit takes you to some scary places--as well as beautiful ones--but the real deal just leaves your body freaking comotose for hours--as you know.
Thanks for reading. Did your arrows arrive yet? A couple of people just got theirs after I had Jhonny look into it. Let me know.

bamboo said...

A friend once asked me to prepare some ayahuasca for his use. When I found out he was going to "party" with it I just had to laugh. Nothing like ass piss and vomit to make you the life of the party. I never gave it to him and it was this issue that was the final straw in our friendship. Aya does things for you even without ingesting, at least I believe so.

esoter1c said...

I'm trying to explain this to a close friend right now, not just about aya but cactus as well.

& try explaining to stoners that they're not respecting maryjane and she in turn makes them stupid.

respect the spirit of the plants and they will respect you and teach you, anyone claiming aya is a drug really needs to have a big cup of stfu.

Morgan said...

Amigo Arbol, forums are the some of the greatest and weirdest thing on the net, in my opinion anyway. A bit like those Parisian cafe days of old. A bit like talking out loud on a cold winters day and having your words freeze in mid-air. And stay there.

RC mas ParaPara said...

Pete..get back to reality..and re-open your bar again!! Iquitos needs a new place to socialize!!

An old pal!~

The Grudge said...

Ayahuasca a fucking drug? That person has no clue. It is nothing like it. The anxiety of diving head first into a void and not being sure how deep it is makes Ayahuasca more like a practice in Russian roulette. But unlike Russian roulette you don't really die, instead get your mind obliterated and reorganized hopefully in a way that makes you a better person. I remember the anger I had in my heart when taking it the second time. The vile taste felt like a punishment. I literally was cursing the vine for being so harsh.

Peter Gorman said...

But then you loved it, didn't you. She's generally so nice and ticklish at the end that like a girlfriend who's sometimes mean, leaves you laughing and wanting more: even though she's going to put you through the ringer again before you get the love.

The Grudge said...

Did I love it? Fuck yeah! Maybe it's the masochist in me, but I figured I done enough in my life to deserve the harsh love. While still bemoaning the initial slap in the face. Just as you said Peter, she can be rough but she leaves you with an enticing look as she seductively walks away. You only want more, but not in a "fucking drug" kind of way. It's more like "I fucking Love you."