Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ain't It Grand....

Ain't life grand sometimes? Today, for instance, my kids got their driver's licenses changed to reflect their new official last name, Gorman, and I popped for two new tires on each of the two old Ford Rangers. Something about having new rubber on an old truck.
And now the only animals in the world that bring out an automatic fear in me are rats. Spiders, snakes, crocodiles, dogs, even jungle cats get some admiration from me. And all can make me scared but that depends on the circumstance. A giant salt water crocodile once got me real scared. It was in southern India, at the great herpetologist Rom Whitaker's Snake Farm. I was doing a story on the place with great photographer Jeffrey Rotman and when we saw Giant we knew we had to photograph him. He was 16-feet long and weighed in at I think nearly two tons. Just a giant for a Salty, hence the name. Of the several thousand crocs Whitaker had, Giant was the only one set off by himself. He was just too big to keep with any others. I mean, Whitaker had Garials that were longer, but none nearly as large and being agressive, he couldn't even be with other Saltys.
But to get the photo we had to climb into the cage. It was two foot of solid rock and cement deep, about 4 feet high, and topped by an extra heavy chain link fence. It was probably 40 feet in diameter. Rom distracted him by feeding him a dog that had just died at the opposite end, then Rotman and I climbed over the fence. Rotman crouched to get shots of Giant crushing the dead dog, I was there just to be able to write the feeling of being in there.
All was good for about 5 seconds, till Giant turned just a bit and noticed us. And then he pushed his massive body off the ground, turned and came at us, one dog leg sticking out at a horrible angle from his mouth. We were on and over that fence not one split second before Giant crashed into that stone wall and made it shake, trying to burst through it to get to us. And in that moment when we had to jump on that stone and clamber over the chain link, in that moment when I prayed my legs wouldn't turn to molasses I was scared. Genuinely terrified.
But there was nothing innate about Giant's being alive that frightened me, just the idea that my leg would look the same as the dog's if he got to us.
But rats still send chills up my spine. Don't know. Kid association with the devil? Maybe. But something about them makes me frightened.
So my beautiful son Marco just got one. And he likes to let it out to run around the house now and then. Just to watch me jump.
Well Italo's girl, Sarah, doesn't like rats either. So she got a rooster because Marco hates to hear roosters. Nearly drives him crazy. And this rooster loves to crow.
So we're finally using the chicken coop. And Marco's got me jumping with that rat while Sarah's got Marco jumping with that rooster. And the goats just keep eating grass.
I told Marco I'll make rooster soup the day the rat disappears, but not till then.
Ain't life just grand sometimes?


Hummingbird said...

LOLOL! Your household is a riot... hahahaha...

How is the preparation for your trip coming along?

Have a great rest of your week!


Dr. Grossman said...

Maybe you need a new pet?

Peter Gorman said...

I definitely appreciate you guys coming back time and again to check into the little soap opera that is the Gorman Family. We're basically having a great time but about every three hours or so run into a road block. And without anyone running the show, we all simply try to plow through it--which is where rats and roosters, busted cars and marriages, arguments and love come from.
But in the end, I wouldn't even guess where to trade this stuff. I guess I brought it on myself, so I may as well love it.
Thanks for reading, you guys.
Peter G

Arbol said...

...Where Love Comes From..
you said it all right there Peter!

Hummingbird said...

Hey Peter,

Is there any kind of 'evaluation tool' in place to aid in your decision-making with regard to who goes on the upcoming trip with you... so that you might be able to avoid any negative energy such as you faced last trip? Or do you just leave it to Fate or The Universe or whatever?

Sending you good energy for what you need!


Peter Gorman said...

I generally talk with everyone for an hour or two and often tell people it's the wrong trip for them. On the last trip I got drunk in public a few times and so caused a lot of my own heartache. I also didn't read a couple of people right or maybe I was just too greedy. Turned out I didn't make a dime from the trip so it sort of served me right.
I still have so much improvement to do. But I ain't quitting yet.

Hummingbird said...

... well then, dear Peeee-ter, I hope you can find time or make time to become centered and focused to prepare your Self for the journey.

At some point, perhaps you could develop a questionnaire for your clients. Sometimes it really helps to be "forced" to write out what you think/want/expect and is generally a good growth tool for people. That might assist you in 'reading' a person.

Quitting is not an option unless it's right. LOL!


Shmer said...

Well Peter, as the old adage goes: May you live in interesting times. You certainly seem to be doing just that.