Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Some Days Are Just Fine

Some days are just fine, some days stink. I'm not sure about the rest of you but for me there are days when I can do a thousand things and other days when I'm stuck walking in mud and no matter how much I try, I can't move forward.
Today was the former. Today I reigned. Not necessarily a king, but I freaking reigned. I leave for Peru tomorrow to take a short group into the mountains and follow that up with my third stomach surgery. I'm a little afraid and I've been having bad dreams about the plane rides to Peru and the surgery. Just fear, I hope, no preminecience.
And I've been trying to finish a thousand things.
And failing.
But today, I finished a cover story at 10, and while waiting for my editor's comments ran errands: I took a truckload of trash to the dump, had oil changed, bought my ex, Chepa a New York style cheesecake, then went to walmart and bought some medicine my guests in Peru asked for, signed a new mortgage with a title company, bought a lawn mower, put it together, mowed my fire pit area, called the Texas Department of Transportation about the new land condemnation they're doing to take more of our land for the new toll road, picked up Madeleina from school, stocked the house with food for while I'll be gone, got money for traveling, made 7 phone calls, kissed Chepa's baby, told Madeleina I loved her and would give her the day off tomorrow to accompany me to the airport and a dozen other things.
Might have been my trip tomorrow or might have been that I ran out of decaf this morning and drank straight caffeinated coffee. Or maybe it was just me trying to finish my work. Whatever it was, I had one of those days when you write a list of 17 things to get done and you wind up finishing 21.
So thanks, whomever let that happen. Nice one. I leave for Peru tomorrow and all I've got to do is pack.Wow. That's some guardians looking over me, eh?
Appreciate it.


bamboo said...

Best of luck on your trip. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

All the best. Will send you reiki energy for your journey and operation.

Hummingbird said...

I will join Lightworker in sending energy... perhaps my spirit might journey to where you are... that could be nice... (smiling)...

Have a WONDERFUL experience!


Morgan said...

Safe and sound and all the best to you on your trip to and in Peru.


Shmer said...

I hope all goes well. Enjoy the trip as well!

Hummingbird said...

We are all missin' ya, Peter!

Good energy comin' atcha!


daisyduke said...

Sending you continual white light, and a safe trip coming and going