Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween and...

It's Halloween. I'm not feeling great. Stopped pain killers two days ago and this piece of plastic in my stomach hurts like hell. That and the fact that the water heater went out while I was gone--we'd been having to use the restart a couple of tmes a day for a few menths so it wasn't entirely unexpected--so I havn't been able to change dressings since Monday afternoon when I returned. So I have been itching and burning like someone set my chest hair on fire all day.
No big deal compared to how scared I was sitting up on that operating table in Cuzco wondering what the hell I was doing getting operated on by a surgeon who'd once saved my life but now looked like a total stranger to me, talking sports with an anestheseologist who said, in Spanish, that I was useless just before poking me 7 times with his needle before hitting the right spot in my spine, and then laughed about it. Man, you guys might have had similar experiences but I never did: The first two ops were extreme emergencies. Such pain in the first that I just said get it done. The second, well, I'd seen my stomach (intestines, actually) standing outside of my abdominal cavity last July when that needed to be done. But this time I was healthy excapt that I had an enormous belly hernia and then I was on the table wondering whether that was the right choice or whether I could live with that belly forever. So I was scared.
But now it's 7 AM on Halloween and it turns out I haven't bought Madeleina a costume or made plans for where she's supposed to go trick or treating and I'm a goblin again. Gosh darn it, that must be the one millionth time I've let down my kids. Didn't mean to. Didn't even realize it was Halloween until I turned into the monster who was ruining the day.
What the hack, I'm back in town and I gues I better get my act together. No feeling dsorry for myself or claiming I'm out of the loop. You're gonna have the kids, you'd better be ready for it all.
So get it back in line, Gorman. No more bullshitting, regardless of that recent surgery.
Man....sometimes I sound like my Irish father. He was a tough guy all the way. But he knew his shit.
Shoulders back, stomach in! Let's get to it.


Hummingbird said...

Yaaaaay! Peter's back! (smiling)

Two things, cyber friend:

You need to rest/sleep. That is a great healer for your kind of surgery. Just a few days. You have basically had physical/psychic trauma (namely surgery) and you need to be nice to yourself, please.

For Halloween, you could show your gut and scars and stuff and call yourself Freakenstein. Probably save on lots of candy that way, LOL! Which you should not be eating anyway, hahahaha.

Glad you are back. I am just doing "Irish ma'am" to help you get on track. Let the kids take care of you for a couple days. I know it all can fall down around you, but hey... really, be nice to yourself. You have been through quite a bit.

Looking forward to some interesting insights!

Blessings now,

daisyduke said...

and remember to breathe

The Grudge said...

Hope it all worked out okay. Take care Peter.