Thursday, March 05, 2009

Anybody Out There???

Listen, folks. I have no counter and have been kicked off Yahoo@ adds. So Here I am writing frighteningly secret stuff and I got to know if anyone is reading/listening. If no one cares, I'll stop writing. If there are 10 of you, I need to know. I'm about to write the story of my first sex. Very personal, very vulnerable, very funny. But it no one is reading, why spend a few hours writing it?
So I don't need a cascade of names but I do need to know that at least 10 of you are finding my posts worth reading, otherwise I'm just masturbating---and if that's what I'm doing I'd rather do it in private, thank you.
So give me a hollar and let me know I'm not writing into the wind. And if you do I'll give you a pretty good story about my first sex--which has less to to with sex than it does the NY police...which is why it's a good story.
SAY IT Ain't so, okay?
Peter G


Gritter said...

Well, Peter, I am here but it may be that we can just correspond and exchange stories via email.

Truly, I think it would be sad if you stop blogging because I look every day to see if you have a new story for me to read.

So come on all you Gorman Guys and Gals - Speak up now or forever hold onto your "piece".

Dr. Grossman said...

I'm still here, reading and enjoying.

seb said...

i'm here buddy

sorry i don't comment more often. my bad.

your blog is one of the few things i check on the net these days. it helped through this last winter a lot.

to be honest i'd say most folk that got to meet you through your tours tune in.

don't give it up. i guess there are a lot more that care for you than you realize.


Kuchinta said...

It ain't so, Peter! It ain't so!
Keep writing please - yours is the only blog I check daily for updates : )

Saby said...

Still here too reading your post !

Hummingbird said...

Awwwww, c'mon...!!!

Unknown said...

You know we're here, bro!

The Great Circus Volcano said...

I've been reading you for a long time as well... from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I do not leave comments because one needs a Gmail or Blogger identity to do that, and I have troubles with that.

But it would be a shame if you stopped writing. Yours is one of my favorite blogs and I love what you write, how you write it and the tales of your life and your family. You make my life nicer by sharing this stuff... and that may not be much reward, it means the world to me.

clown princess said...

I'm here, too.

Jin said...

hi Peter, I am here. I met you in Iquitos, right after your operation...keep writing... ;-) Jin

Anonymous said...

I´m still here to read you blogg...

Morgan said...

You know I'm around.

Reading your blog is like stopping in at some wild and wonderful bar/club/restaurant/diner. One that's a little out of the way... you take a left at Joshua, Texas, a right at Iquitos, Peru, keep on a ways until you see Genero Herrera, then a bit further up the Aucayacu.

This place serves up some real serious home cookin' soul food!
Compliments to the chef!

Paul de Boer said...

Hi Peter, I still read your blog when I have the opportunity. good luck!

Serhio said...

I'm here, Peter.
I do read your blog from time to time. I would be glad to came and and enjoy your company in person, asking questions and sharing our stories.
Reading your blog gives me the feeling that i'm simply chatting with old friends ,in spite of being too far away.
And it connects me not only with you but with many others who read it as well.

Serhio said...

by the way, hey Paul! I've lost you... Have you change your email and phone?