Saturday, March 21, 2009

How it Goes Sometimes

So this morning Chepa calls to let me know she's won a grill in a contest and that she'll get it tomorrow, along with a free meal, over at a local Chinese Buffet place. I'm not quite sure how she won it, but when she asked me to call the woman to confirm that we'd be there for the dinner tomorrow to collect the grill and the free eats, well, sure enough, it seems she really did win. Along with about 9 other people.
The woman asked me how many there would be and I said seven: Chepa, myself, Italo, Sarah, Marco and his girl Carly, and Madeleina. Sierra and Alexa would also be there but kids under 5 are free anyway.
"There won't be any children, will there?" the woman, Darlene, asked.
"Well, there will be two, but we'll pay for them," I answered.
"Oh, no, you don't understand. There can't be any children, or anyone under 21 because there will be a fire-safety demonstration of the grill and there will be some small fires made. So that's the law...I'm sorry."
I did some quick figuring. I could stay out with Madeleina, Sierra and Alexa and the others could go. "So then make that five, alright?"
"They will all be carded. And 21 is it."
I did some more figuring, because Italo's girl Sarah, Marco and Carly were eliminated by the threat of carding as well. "Make that two, then," I said.
"Alright. Two for the free meal and to pick up the grill. We'll see you at 5:30 tomorrow then. Goodbye."
So this is how it figures: I could just stay home and cook, but Marco, Carly and Sarah, along with Madeleina and Sierra, are all juiced up to go out to eat. We don't do that much around here and I guess Chepa told them all about her lucky strike and so they're definitely in the mood to go out.
So instead of a free meal, I'm now going to have to take seven of us out to eat while Chepa and Italo munch down on freebies and collect her grill.
So much for a free lunch, eh?


Serhio said...

Peter. I'm here ...
I do read your blog from time to time. I would be glad to came and and enjoy your company in person.

Reading your blog gives me a warm feeling that i'm simply chatting with old friends ,in spite of being too far away.
And it connects me not only with you but with many others who read it as well.
We ought to leave you feedbacks and comments more often. I think that even a simple smile will do good. Telling: 'Hey, we are here!!!'

Gritter said...

Of all people, Peter, you should know that there is no such thing as a Free Meal :-)

Pretty obvious that the "winning" people were to have as many restrictions as ;ossible to limit the size of the group they were to feed.

Was the grill for real or was it a small hibachi. I care about stuff like that 'cause I am a bonyfried Grillmeister of the grilling arts.