Friday, March 27, 2009

Calling Paul D B

This is an odd little post and a request from a reader. Paul De Boer, where are you? Sergey is trying to reach you and says you've changed your email.
This is not going to become a place where I do a lot of requests, but both these guys are friends of mine and since Sergey has had a baby recently and I love babies, and he and wife and said baby also live in Lithuania, I thought I'd let this one slip through.
And while we are at it, I've been spending mornings this week covering a court case that's got me ragged. Won't go into it because I'll be writing about it as a journalist and need to keep some distance, but mention it because all those telephone solicitors who are trying to sell me new car insurance, health plans, toxic stocks and new roofing haven't been getting a hold of me and probably wonder where I've been. Assuming they're also regular readers of this blog--which they probably are to know so much about the things I absolutely need--this is a general shout out that I simply have not been home to take your calls. But I look forward to talking with all of you real soon.
Have a great day, everybody.


Peter Gorman said...

Sergei: The last I'm hearing is that Paul has a blog while he's traveling in Guatemala. I cannot find it, but the blog I can find for him, with no entries, but a photo, is at:
So until he answers, look that up and look up: Paul De Boer blogs, or Paul De Boer blogs, guatemala or whatever you can think of.
I think he'll eventually respond but he has not yet.
Peter G

Serhio said...

Thank you Peter. Will see how often he reads your blog :)))))

Paul de Boer said...

Thank you Peter!

I am travelling in Honduras at the moment and still check your blog once in a while.

Sergey, congratulations with your baby! My new e-mail is, please send me a note. I lost many e-mail contacts as I was in a hurry preparing to travel.