Thursday, July 16, 2009

Home Again

Well, hello y'all. Hope a few of you are still with me. Walked into the house after a 19 hour trip from Iquitos about an hour ago, went through the mail, collected a couple of checks, and now, after a hot shower--something I have not had for 6 weeks--I am going to Walmart to buy a small freezer and then driving over to Rendon Meats to pick up my beautiful pig. 140 pounds they tell me, is what she produced, and that ought to be enough pork to kill me--a nice payback for having killed her.
While I was away the Houston Press Club gave me second place in Journalist of the Year for Texas and first place for best Investigative Feature--which is nice.
When I returned home I discovered that the house is a mess, the lawn needs mowing, the dogs and goats and birds and cats need food, the garbage needs bringing to the dump and the cars all need gas. Madeleina and Sierra and Alexa are out in Indiana visiting Chepa's boyfriend--not good as I miss my Madeleina and the babies as well. But I came back unhurt, didn't drink too much (most days) on the trip, gave a good talk at the Shamanism Conference, had two fantastic trips into the woods, made a few bucks, finally got a check from the gas company, am awaiting the delivery of my two lost bags, and then Italo's Sarah is pregnant and Marco proposed to his girl Carly.
Yes, that's a lot of information but I got it in the same amount of time with the same deadpan delivery.
Gee it's great to be back home....home is where I want to be, Man, I've been on the road so long.....(apologies to P Simon, of course).
Glad to be back. Hope you're all having a wonderful summer. I'll talk soon.


Unknown said...

Glad your back, Peter!

Congratulations on your award from the Houston Press Club!

Hummingbird said...

Hi Peter!

The Grudge said...

Welcome back Peter! I glad you made it back with no injuries. Must be nice not to worry about your intestines spilling out while you're there.

Unknown said...

Welcome back! Wow, lots going on up on the Peter ranch :)