Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Manly Things

Well, continuing to try to do manly things--despite my ingrown townail slowing me down to a painful, and I mean painful, gait, Italo and I painted the second bridge and started on the Fence. Now the fence doesn't sound like a lot when you call it "the fence", but actually it's a yard contained in our larger yard. The fence is 8' high and covers over 200 feet, with 3 posts for every foot. So painting the fence means painting 600 posts on four sides, plus all of the connecting 2 X 4"s and posts. Which means digging up 400- feet of overgrown weeds at fence bottom. Which means we used two gallons of paint today and got one side of 1/4 of the fence done. And that took three hours. And that was after taking out the garbage to the dump, which really stunk since Marco and Italo had not taken it out since I left on June 1 or 2. There were also about a million mice and half-a-dozen rats living in the garbage and those of you who know me know me and rats don't get along, so I was jumping like a schoolgirl (no offence to schoolgirls). Anyway, painting the fence I felt like Tom Sawyer but nobody came along to pay me to do my work. Nuts. Sam Clemens, you're a lyin' sack of sawdust....
Still, I'm getting strong. The work cleans me out. Tonight me and the boys are going to do frog sweat to clean our organs and skin. I told them we ought to do it once a month. Those of you who have done it know that's hard because it hurts so much. On the other hand, those of you who have done it know there is nothing as cleansing as frogsweat, including the lemon water cleanser I've just started.
So nothing great to report. If you come by, be prepared to work. It's Spring cleaning time here and everybody chips in if they want some of the roast chicken and rice with vegetables we're having tonight, or the country style ribs with homemade barbeque we're having tomorrow. Or the steak a la pizzaola we had yesterday. Just warning you: I'd love to see you but we got work to do.
And that's it from here. Hope you're all having a great day.

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