Thursday, August 06, 2009

Vaklempt! Manly Work Continues Apace!

Oy Vey! Yard work is so hard I ought to be rich so I could hire professionals to do it.
Like the fence got finished but then the goats got out. Somehow. And then the police came to tell me my goats were eating my neighbors' flowers. And so we got them but the neighbors, people we've never even seen since they live on another street, were slightly pissed off. Appears the goats ate about 10 pots worth of flowers before they were stopped. So I have to replace them. Right. Probably weeds and I'm supposed to supply rare African plants....
Then the goats got out the next day and this time they ate someone's garden. YIKES!!! I've had gardens. For a nice one, say a quarter acre, which this one was, it takes two to three hours daily for 5 months. And my stupid goats ate everything. Everything!!! So now I'm responsible for a garden worth $1,500. Oh, my. Now you know why this Irish kid is using a Yiddish word like Vaklempt! Beside myself. Upside down myself. Why didn't the garden owner stop them mid-feast? I'll tell you why...because he had nothing growing there at all, and if there was proof that he had a stinking sun-dried garden I wouldn't have been responsible for a grand and a half. But I am.
So I locked the goats up--since the guy wouldn't take them in lieu of payment--in the interior back yard, the one where we just painted the fence, and today bought new fencing that I'm about to put up. I feel like a cowboy, where's my horse??????
And Today I spent two hours in 105 degree temperatures dragging tree limbs knocked down by lightning across the yard. Put them in a corner according to size: Good firewood; medium firewood; kindling. I'll cut it later this week. But that was hot, hard work.
Then I decided to cut the back lawn, just half an acre, with the regular electric mower. More manly work, particularly since every 60 feet required a 100 yard walk with the bag of cuttings as it hasn't been cut since I left for Peru in June.
So I'm here, ready to work, being manly, complaining like a not-very-manly-man. The kids tell me helping is beneath them and ask when dinner (lime chicken; basmati rice, string beans with red pepper and garlic plus fresh papaya juice and ice cold cantaloupe) will be ready.
When I finish the fence, finish the lawn or finish the jim beam, whichever comes first!
That's the way I'm feeling. Hope you're all feeling just as juicy and wild.

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