Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What's Up Here

Morning, everybody. Back two weeks now and things coming together. The manly work continues apace, the fence is gorgeous, the bridges repaired, the big lawn mowed, the fences done, the house reasonably spotless, and on and on. It's quiet because Chepa is still away with Madeleina, Sierra and Alexa, but that should change in about a week, and we're all looking forward to having the house full and full of laughter and joy again. About time!
Been thinking about former clients recently. I've been getting a lot of mail from people who were on the recent trip, but even more I've probably heard from 25 people who have been on trips as long as 10 years ago. That one always surprises me but makes me feel as if the trip and the medicine and the Amazon had a profound effect on them and that's what I'm hoping for when I do them. I sometimes sit back and think it really is a life changing event. I know it is for me; it's trying to share that and have others see it as I do that's the trick. And when they do, when someone writes to tell me they had an ayahuasca dream or a jungle dream three, four years after their time with me, that's very very rewarding. This week alone, for instance, a couple of former clients wrote to ask for nu-nu and sapo, the Matses' medicines--the former a snuff, the latter frog-sweat. Then one showed up at my doorstep just Saturday night, needing a good dose of sapo to keep her clear. She did puke all over the living room and kitchen, but that was nothing. Medicines from the jungle are always earthy. And it was great to see her.
And I'm thinking of having a weekend for former clients on August 21-22-23, so if any of you reading are former clients who feel a bit upended or need some more magic in your blood, or are simply in the neighborhood--which means you can fly in from England, for instance--well, let me know and I'll set the meeting in stone.
And then I did a radio show the other day. Two hours and I hope I didn't put everybody to sleep. If you want to check it out, here's the link:
My computer doesn't have sound anymore so I can't promise it will work, and if you read this blog occasionally you've already heard it all.
Marco just came in and wrestled with me. I started breakfast for him in return for the exercise and while at it did all of last night's dishes. Now out to the lawn for raking before it gets too hot to move here in bucolic Joshua.
Oh, and former clients Andrew and Petra just had a baby girl. Congrats, guys!

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Kuchinta said...

Peter, put me down for the weekend of Aug 21st, and let me know the best way to get to you from NYC once it's confirmed! : )