Sunday, February 21, 2010

Da Book, Da Trips

Well, this post is selfish. It celebrates me a little. First off, Taylor Rain Gorman came rushing into the world Thursday night, all healthy with fantastic fingers and curly dark brown hair and just so so beautifu. Thanks for all your well wishes.
Secondly, after a month of rewrites--which followed a month of writing new material--and then two copy edits, I've just sent the book, complete with back cover notes, a good glossary and so forth, to the Art director on the project. Which means I don't expect to work on it again until I see a real copy in my hands.
The art is beautiful; illustrations of jungle things. I'm thrilled.
SO if you have not bought a copy yet, send me $25 via paypal or check or however you want (easiest through my webpage and help me raise the money to publish the damned thing. HA! Wall Street sells all sorts of things that don't exist. This at least does exist and will soon look suspiciously like a real book!
Third: For the June trip, I've got 8 who've paid deposits, a couple more promising, and I only take 12. So if you're one of the people on the fence, just letting you know.
And for the July trip I've got 10 who've paid deposits or whose deposits are allegely in the mail. Again, if you're among the half-dozen other considering it, those last two slots go to whoever joins first.
And wouldn't that be a kick to have two full or nearly full trips back to back? I'd actually make a few bucks and probably feel so guilty I'd have to give it all away somehow. Just cause I'm a lapsed Catholic, doesn't mean my guilt has lapsed...
So anyway, I'm headed outside to go fly a kite with Madeleina and I'm feeling very good this minute. I hope you all are too. Have a great Sunday afternoon.

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Gritter said...

Do you have a photo of the Great Elder Tree in the book. It would be a shame not to have it included. A genuinely ancient spirit resides there. And, sooo powerful! It was an absolutely awesome and humbling experience to be in the presence of one of the old ones. I can never thank you enough for taking me to visit such an ancient and powerful spirit. The Elder still comes to me in dreams - I am grateful.