Friday, February 05, 2010

Nearly Sold out for June

Well, last week was good. I'm up to 7 who have paid deposits for the 21 day June trip. That leaves five spaces and two people have said they've sent deposit checks and two more, former guests--and you know who I mean Mr. G--say they're coming for the jungle portion. Which leaves one spot. If that happens the way the people have said, that would be great. I love a sold out trip. I've got a 12 man crew and that's more than enough to handle 12 guests. I've also got an adjunct crew of 3 out in the jungle--Pepe, Mauro and Antenor--that brings us to 15. And I don't mind spending the money on them. I love it when my people get work.
So if the guy who is supposedly going to be number 12 for June doesn't get his deposit in within a week or so, I'll have one opening. And that's great. That means I get to take a good group out and pay a month's bills and feed the kids and pay for my ticket down to Peru and all that.
And the pre-Shaman Conference trip--an 8 1/2 day intensive jungle trip, is filling too, with 5 signed on and three claiming the deposit checks are in the mail. If true, that will leave only 4 slots open for that trip. And National Geographic is considering doing a story on sapo, frog sweat medicine, and they would need those last slots. Or better yet, you guys who want it join the trip and let Nat Geo make their own trip.
You have to know I'm happy thinking about two trips that won't force me to borrow money to fund them but will pay for themselves and give me a little profit. Not really a Catholic feeling--"I shouldn't make any money...I shouldn't make any money.." but a good one nonetheless.
So ask if there is still space. Join the fun.
Time to take the chicken out of the oven, make the spinach-basil pasta sauce, and take care of the kids.
Hope you're having as much fun as I am tonight.
Peter G

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