Saturday, May 08, 2010

Alright, you'se guys...

Well, for better or worse, I just ordered three "proof" copies of my own book. Should have them on Friday, I hope, and then two editors and I will go over them to check for needed corrections, and once those are done, all of you who have bought it will have them on their way. How is that????? Cool, right? Yer patience is paying off, said the doctor's assistant. And I think it's gonna be cool. At the moment the cover is a different color than what was ordered, but what the heck.
So.....I think I'll be having real copies made in about 10 days and you should all have it a week after that. Fair?
And now I am so relieved. Look at the list: Book--Check. Cross that one off.
And it is a beautiful, fantastic, wonderful sunny and windy day here in bucolic Joshua, Texas and I am going out to get some exercise by mowing more lawn. I am gonna get some sun and play with chickens and maybe kick the goat--since he butted me while I untangled him night before last and gave me a black eye--and throw baseballs to Boots who will watch them with utter disinterest.
And for mother's day? I guess I'm feeding Chepa and the gang. They're all headed over to one of her sister's homes today for ceviche, the Peruvian national dish. She's already been here today. She came over about 5:30 AM. Why? Because she's got a nasty case of poison ivy and didn't believe me when I told her that it would spread if she didn't put calamine lotion on it. She didn't and it did. Now it's everywhere, and boy is she mad about how it looks. She looked like a monkey with ticks this morning, just itching terribly, terribly, and not having enough hands to scratch it all at the same time.
Now she's got the calamine so she's okay.
Have a great one, everybody.

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Gritter said...

Go to the drugstore and get a tube of Zanfel for the poison, Nothing like it on earth. Costs about $30 but man is it worth it for people that are allergic to poison. I can roll in the stuff naked and it doesn't bother me but Kathy and her mom can get it from 2 feet away and they get miserable as hell real quick. It was a bad thing until we discovered the Zanfel. Get it!