Sunday, May 02, 2010

Book Coming Along

I know. I'm getting to be tiresome here. But I just want to note that as far as I can tell, we really are nearly finished. A couple of photos were sent to the designer, a map is not in place, and I think the designer is damned near done with things. Then we'll make a couple of proof copies, hopefully this week, and get the project done. Whew! I'm pooped from it all.
But with the book and the trips almost on me, it also feels great. It's a mountain of work but worth the pain. Won't it be awful if the book simply sucks? Damn, I hope not.
Now, it's a beautiful Sunday afternoon out here in bucolic Joshua, Texas, and I'm gonna head out and start cutting some lawn. How about that? Sounds good to me. I'm no longer strapped--at least until tomorrow when I've got to get to work on a short piece for my alternative paper and then jump into the fray on a new cover story--to this computer. I hardly know what to do. Except for that lawn that's a'callin'.
And one of those real good barbeques later where I'll get to play with the kids and raise a little hell while serving a whole bunch of good food.
Nice to be alive, isn't it? I hope you're all feeling it too.

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