Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Here's the deal then...

Okay, here's the deal. I've just been invited to talk about my work and my book in New York City at Webster Hall on November 30. They have no speaker budget. BUTTT...Wade Davis, one of my heroes, and one of the botanists I've spend hours interview over the years, is in town (NYC) at that time, so he'll be featured on the Ayahuasca Monologues night that I've been asked to speak at.
I would love to go and love to take Madeleina. She has not been to NYC since 2001 or so. But my family and friends are there.
So the question is this: should I use my credit cards and go, hoping I can sell enough books to pay for the airfare and expenditures? I will have a place to stay, but airfare will run $700 for Madeleina and I, I think, and then we'll need $500 for taxis, food and giving some flowers to the people who put us up. Can I sell $1200 in books at an event? At $25 that would be 48 books. About 60 if you include the price of the books. The house supposedly seats maybe 750, but who knows if it will be full. So do I invest--with no funds, purely on credit card speculation, the $1200 plus $200 for books--in myself in this case or am I out of my mind?
What say? You guys often have a better sense of me than I do, so feel free to respond.
Thanks for listening.
Peter G


Morgan said...

Well, you already know my answer, and I know the pressure of the cash vice.

But, money aside, it would be a great way to celebrate. A kind of "Homecoming", and a good way too celebrate the book, its achievements, your achievements, visit family and old friends, hang with Wade, tell some stories, connect with some bigwig publishers, visit old spots, some old handball courts - the whole shebang...

But yeah, money, money, money... what can you sell? Or, what kind of investment might this be? Or, what kind of adventure!

Gritter said...

Seems to me that if twelve of us sent you $100 then you would be mostly covered and certainly book sales would cover any overage.

I personally think that selling 20-25 books is a more realistic number based on a 50% house and 6%-8% of them buying.

Obviously, if Mr. Davis would assist with a recommendation during his feature speech - that would be big.

My check goes out today.

How about it guys, - who's in?

Let's get our friend and mentor to the Big Apple.

SeanHags said...

Of course you go. Absolutely. It's home, it's vacation, and it's work all rolled up into one. And you can probably write off most of it as business expenses as you'll be promoting your book.

Plus, as they say, you have to spend money to make money. Can you sell 60 books in one night? I don't know. But will word of mouth, your book and your name be put out into the 'ether' by going? To potentially return (as sales or clients) later? I think yes.

So go. My fiance and I will certainly be in the audience!

Sounds like you already have a place to stay, but if you need it in a pinch, there's our guest bedroom as well. You'd be more than welcome.

And I'm with Gritter. If you need it, I'll send it. But go already! :)