Friday, October 22, 2010

One of Those Pretty Cool Days

Well, it's been one of those pretty cool days, especially if you include yesterday. And a bit selfish on my part, to be honest. I mean, after I wrote about going to New York with Madeleina and was weighing things in public, a blog reader and friend sent $100 to help with the trip. Another friend sent $300. Out of the blue. I need it and it will help, so I'm taking it, but I'm almost guilty while doing it because it was unexpected and not something I meant to be suggesting.
Shut up, Gorman, just take the freaking love.
And then yesterday, another friend send long lost photos of Madeleina and her sisters, of Chepa and me and the dog, Boots, and Goatguy and another dog long since buried in the animal patch out back. But the pics are beautiful and it was fantastic to get them showing up, again unexpectedly.
And then this morning, one person who was due on my trip last June--but who couldn't make it at the last minute--sent a deposit for this January's trip. He'd said he was but I wasn't sure he meant it. So that was unexpected and fantastic.
And then a UPS truck rolled in with three bars of cacao rich Ghiradelli chocolate and a book from CityLights in San Francisco, where she was working last week. She is the new editor in chief of Archaeology magazine and she has instantly improved it with gorgeous color, clean lines, great layouts and solid writing. So check it out. The top cover line is "The Origins of Chocolate".
Not that I need the chocolate--hell, I already don't have the figure to absorb it and will be rolling down the road if I eat it, but still, take the love, Gorman.
And then another UPS truck rolled in and this one had presents for Madeleina and Taylor Rain, my granddaughter from my sister Regina.
And then a FedEx truck rolled up and brought a huge box of sourdough bread from San Francisco.
I am slightly overwhelmed at this point.
Thank you all for all the love.
I'm taking it.
I'm beaming.

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