Monday, October 25, 2010

Today I Saw All the Kids

Today I saw all the kids. Madeleina had to get up early so we could go to my wife/ex-wife's house to borrow black pants she needed for a band dedication tonight--from which I'm picking her up in five minutes, so this will be short. So she got up at about 6 AM and we had water on four big pots on the stove that was hot enough for a shower. One of these days Italo will have a few minutes and help me change out the fuse box--I need him so that if I get electrocuted he can knock me off the electricity before I die--but until then we shower in cold water. Which is freezing early in the morning.
So Madeleina took her shower with a blue plastic cup and stayed in there for 45 minutes. Then came out announcing--read screaming--"Dad, let's go! We're late!"
"Baby, you've got a towel wrapped around you. We're not going anywhere till you get dressed...."
"Hate you, dad. I mean, I love you, but I hate you. Can you make me coffee in the champagne glass?"
I did and she got ready lickity-split and off we went to mom's to borrow the pants. And Alexa and Sierra got up to greet us, and then Sara came in from her end of the very nicely done trailer and she had Taylor Rain with her so I got to kiss my granddaughter as well.
Home, I began working on what will probably be my next book: Being Dad--The Gorman Blog Dad Book of Raising Kids Far From Both Your Home and Theirs in Bucolic Joshua, Texas. Just the blog stuff you have all read but NOT NEARLY DEEP ENOUGH!!!!
So i think I will put it in a book and that way you can kill a few more trees with me to try to earn me next month's mortgage.
And then Italo came over to check into the broken toilet thing. He owed me $200 and brought half of that. I forgave the other half based on him just being a good guy. He was happy but wished I gave the hundred back as well. HA!
And then Marco came over to ask about marijuana and receptor sites and I told him so much more than he wanted to hear that he begged for sapo, frog sweat. We made a date for noon tomorrow to do that severe but fantastic medicine.
And now, at 7:10, I've got Boots' chicken in the oven, the kitty's chicken cooling down, Madeleina's rice on a low flame, and swordfish ready to go. We'll have it with garlic, onions, scallions, ginger, tomatoes and red pepper, all finely diced, in the juice of capers. Nice bite to that.
So I'm going to pick up Madeleina and that's it for the night other than feeding animals and eating.
I hope you're having a nice night too and if you have kids, I hope you got a chance to hug every one of them today. Because nothing feels better than that.

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