Friday, March 16, 2012

Two Things to Sell You

Okay, here are two things I want to sell you. And I want you to buy them because I could use the money to pay for the goat feed, dog and cat food and the mortgage.
The first is an offer of two different trips to the Amazon. They are both 9 1/2 day intensives. The first starts on June 2, a Saturday. The second is a trip scheduled to end on the day the Shamanism conference in Iquitos starts. We'll get you back in time for registration. That starts Thursday, July 5.
Cost for each, once you hit Iquitos, is $1900. I buy your food, your hotels, pick you up at the airport, put you back at the airport at the end of things. I take care of everything except any alcohol you might have in Iquitos before we leave and the money you'll need to buy presents for your friends/family back home.
Both trips will see you acclimate in Iquitos for two days--two days which will be packed with stuff a lot of people who live in Iquitos have never seen. Then we head up the river for six days into deep jungle. Deep jungle. Swamp walking, high pristine rainforest hiking and medicine learning; night canoeing, collecting edible plants and the sapo frog. Along the way we'll get to do magic mushrooms, have two opportunities to drink ayahuasca, do the indigenous Matses' medicines sapo and nu-nu, get lots of dirt under our fingernails and have a roaring good time with some very serious medicine as well.
This trip doesn't demand a lot physically: My team is bigger than the 12 guests that can come on a trip, so if you walk slowly, you'll still see gorgeous rainforest, but you might be walking with two team members at a slower pace and for a shorter length of time than some of the others. But this trip does demand that you bathe in the river, don't cry over a few lousy mosquitos, and see the best in everything. Because this is the real deal, no fooling.
So some of you who want to do something like this, well, this is the time. Others who never thought about it, what the heck, start thinking. This trip will change your life. If you are a suck human being, you will suck less when the medicines and my team are done with you. If you are already a shining human, well, we'll polish you up to a high gleam. Cool? Very. So get on it.
The next note will talk about the other thing I'm trying to sell you.
And yes, I'm hoping to make something. But just like everything I do, I think I'll give you your money's worth and a big dollop more--leaving you laughing at how you got over on me. And I'm very very happy if that's how you wind up feeling. Cause I'm here to do the work--as well as here to work.
Thanks for listening.

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Helldoco said...

This sounds like an adventure if I have ever heard one. I'm betting this attracts some pretty awesome people.