Saturday, March 31, 2012

Visionary Nutrition--An Evolver Intensive

Folks: If I've told you this before, forgive me. It's been a long day and I've been asked to mention this. And I don't mind because I think this is something very cool. I've been asked by Morgan Maher, my friend who illustrated Ayahuasca in My Blood--and boy, he nailed several of those images, and I mean nailed as in caught the soul--has put together a 4 weekend series of videocasts about food, medicine, life. How it works together. How everything interacts and enhances everything it touches. When we breathe, we change the world. When we pick the food we want to eat, from the ground or from the supermarket shelf, we make choices that change the world. When we drink ayahuasca, we change ourselves and our choices and finally we change the world. I think this is gonna be a really good series and I'm very glad to have been included. Those of you who read this blog know how I feel about food. I respect it to no end. I try to treat it, whatever "it" is, as an individual and before I make a cut in that tomato or onion or piece of swordfish, want to know where and how it would best be cut to bring out the best it's got. I don't care much about the chemicals/vitamins it brings to the table, I do care a lot about the soul of that tomato or grapefruit or what goes into the banana bread and want it to be as fully realized as it can be: The more I respect it's personality, the more of its spirit it will share; the more of my spirit that can interact with its soul.

And Morgan has pushed to get this series of podcasts on the air and he's done it. Good for him. And he's included me: Good for everyone.
So if you have a couple of free hours for three Sunday afternoons and one Saturday afternoon in April, and if you've got $85 bucks lurking in a secret compartment in your belt, well, darn it, give it up. You're going to get a short masters course in food, nutrition, food preparation, food gathering, medicine and food, integrating food/nutrition to enriching your life. And Morgan has lined up some great speakers. Take a look at the link below to see what's happening. I'm the freaking weak link here and anytime I'm the weak link when it comes to a discussion of food/nutrition/medicine, well, you have one very very strong fence. So take a look and if it's something of interest, sign up. If not, take a look anyway, just to see how Morgan sees it. He's the man on this project.

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